Family holidays

Family holidays in May. The best options for a perfect vacation

We offer interesting ideas to provide adults as well as their children with enjoyable vacation. A good preparation is the key to success. It is necessary to take into account that children are usually not very interested in getting acquainted with historical or cultural sights or making long walks. We suggest familiarizing with the most popular beach rest destinations.

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Where to rest in May

The most popular resorts for recreation are Egypt and Turkey. In May, these countries already have quite warm weather, which allows you swimming in the sea with children. Summer heat gladdens tourists. What is more, the risk of catching a cold at this time is minimal. However, if you are planning a trip to one of these countries, be sure to take warm outerwear for your child, such as a sweater or hoodie, because it is still cool enough at night.


Year round resorts, such as Cuba, are also an excellent choice for a holiday with children. The swimming season is open all year round in this island state. In addition to excellent beach recreation, children can enjoy different kinds of entertainment, which is in abundance. Here are beach sports games, concert programs, funny animators and national wildlife reserves. Amusement parks and diving will be especially interesting for children. Cuba beach parties are very popular among adults. Unfortunately, the rainy season begins in May in Cuba, so you should take an umbrella or raincoat.


If you are interested in a more exotic vacation, then you can go with the children to the Seychelles. A wonderful atmosphere, open countryside, pristine tropical nature and unique beaches; that is what awaits you in this luxurious resort. Seychelles are great for a holiday with children, because there are so many unique activities! With this entire atmosphere, the Seychelles are absolutely safe. In addition, many hotels offer the services of animators or nannies, so you can leave your child in safe hands.

Family holidays


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