Family adventure holidays

Family adventure holidays: have an unforgettable experience with your darlings

Extreme vacation such as rafting, trekking in the woods or even climbing the mountain is a wonderful pastime not only for adults but also for a younger generation. We will tell you how to make a vacation not only wonderful, but also safe.

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Vacation is a great opportunity to find time for family sports. You can master the art of windsurfing together with children from 7 years old on Greek islands, in Turkey or Egypt. In European countries, there are many cycling routes for families with children of all ages, including babies. In Egypt or Emirates, you can investigate underwater world with children. Diving is allowed for children from 10 years old.

No doubt, lying on the beach in Turkey or Montenegro is easier and more convenient. Children play with animators or stare at phone screen. But, what about rafting, trekking or climbing mountains? You will be surprised, but many parents take part in such activities with their children.

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Family adventure holiday is quite a demanded segment of the tourism industry. Rafting with children is a popular type of recreation. Families with children from 10 years are offered rafting in such countries as Turkey, Slovenia, Bulgaria and others. What is more, there are horse riding routes of different complexity and duration. Ponies are offered to children from age of 6. Children from 10 years and older can ride an adult horse. Experienced parents often come together with like-minded people to spend an interesting vacation.

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Important points to consider

Planning a trip. Deciding to go on a trip with children, it is extremely important to carefully plan everything: a route, duration of a trip, the way to communicate with relatives and friends and much more. It is necessary not to overestimate the strength, neither your own, nor the youngest participants.

Planning a trip

Security. If needed, it is necessary to sacrifice the complexity of the route for the sake of safety. Nevertheless, it is important to conduct a thorough instruction of all members of the group. Independence and responsibility start from this point.

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