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Traveling with family: The best options for days out in the UK for spring 2018

England is an excellent choice for a family weekend. There are many places that can be visited by the whole family. Spring comes in England with a lot of flowering trees, picturesque parks and of course a lot of activities. After such days out in England, your family will definitely be delighted.

Traveling with family

What to do in the spring break

Yoga relax.Tired at work, and your children at school? Arrange yourself a day off and move away from daily stress. Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre in Eastbourne offers to relax and enjoy yoga on the beach. There is nothing more soothing than meditation in the open air listening to the sound of waves.In order to completely break away from the outside world, you can stay at a local hotel and continue your vacation in the spa. Believe us, you will return updated from vacation.

Yoga relax

Nature of Durham’s Heritage Coast. To enjoy the beautiful views of nature, get things for hike and go to Durham Coast. Here are the most beautiful beaches of England. Also, it is here that rare species of plants and insects are found. Here you can admire millions of colorful butterflies. Children will definitely be in ecstasy from such vacation.

Nature of Durham's Heritage Coast

Cycling on the Lake District. For more active holiday, you can choose a bike ride. You only need to choose a direction. All cycling routes offer a picturesque view of the wild nature. It is a perfect activity for families with children or big happy companies.

Cycling on the Lake District

Art festival in Norfolk. The Art Festival is held here annually. Artists and musicians from around the world gather here. The program includes theater performances, visualization, musical accompaniment of installations and much more. The festival program is rich: it includes 75 different performances, and the festival itself will last for 17 days.

Art festival in Norfolk

Spring begins with nature in Wiltshire. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word «spring» is beautiful flowering gardens and fields of flowers. Since mid-May in Wiltshire, the gardens begin to blossom. It is a truly spectacular sight! We highly recommend you to visit Bowood House and Jubilee Garden. More than 100 species of flowering plants and rhododendrons are collected in these parks.

Spring begins with nature in Wiltshire

A real happiness for your children. A real holiday for children will be there, in Butlin’s holiday camp. Here is a modern resort for the whole family, which was opened in the middle of the 20th century.

For children there are organized: workshops on art, show programs and entertainment. For parents there are many family restaurants, which will appeal to both adults and children. After active games you can go to the beach to build sand castles with the whole family.

A real happiness for your children

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