Travelling as a family can be some of the most enjoyable times of our lives.

We never forget the memories we create on long, loving family trips, despite the lack of sleep, the stressful long journeys and the packing headaches that go with taking a family overseas.

Taking the children away to new places brings so much to their young lives. They get to experience a culture so different from their own, they begin to understand the sheer scale of our world and they get to sample cuisine, music, and life that can be completely new. It unquestionably enriches their lives.

1. Pack an up-to-date medical kit

You might have had a travel first-aid kit that you took away with you before you had children, but before you set off on your travels as a family you will need to check it is up-to-date and add a few items. If you are going to keep your kids safe and well, you won’t want to be stuck overseas without medicine for them. So, pack something to help bring their temperature down such as Calpol, some ibuprofen and an antihistamine in case they have an allergic reaction to anything while you are away. It’s also worth taking some cough medicine or something that will help them if they catch a cold. Make sure you know where your nearest doctor is at your destination and make a note of how far you are from a major hospital. It may sound extreme but the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling around in a panic if your child does fall unwell on your holiday. You can never be too prepared.

2. Check whether you need inoculations

Most destinations will not require you to get jabs before you go away, but if you are travelling to Africa or large parts of Asia you will need to make sure you get a series of injections to protect you from any potential diseases. Check government advice well in advance as many inoculations will need to be given a number of weeks before you depart.

3. Don’t try to do too much

It’s tempting when you go away to plan out a really thorough itinerary. Of course, you want to see everything, visit every landmark, art gallery, museum, and place of interest. And yet, you also need to remember that for young children the whole trip can be an assault on the senses – and this, in itself, will drain them. So, our advice is to try and be realistic when you are planning what you want to do every day. Allow yourselves plenty of downtimes to rest and recover and plenty of time to simply enjoy being together as a family – that is why you are there after all.

4. Don’t forget your paperwork

This is a really important one, don’t forget to do the basics before you go away. Update your travel insurance, make sure that both you and the children are covered, not only for medical reasons but because having your stuff stolen is alarming and stressful, especially if you’re abroad and don’t have anyone to call to help. Many insurers will cover you for as much as $15,000 if you lose luggage and personal effects. Don’t try to save money by giving this a miss. Just imagine, if the worst happens, realizing that you turned down all the support that comes with having a really comprehensive policy. They are easy to apply for online and can be completed in less than 20 minutes.

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