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What places for diving do you know? Top 7 best places for diving all over the world

1.Lake Baikal, RussiabaikalLake Baikal is an object of adoration for many travelers. This unique pond has a record depth of 1642 meters. It is interesting to see the lake and its flora and fauna. Diving in Lake Baikal is available both for beginners and for professionals. Most diving centers are in Irkutsk. There are three types of diving here:

  • Jeep safari is suitable for fans of submarine diving. Tourists are offered trips on frozen Baikal with periodic stops in the area of ice caves.
  • Diving safari. It is worth remembering that this tour lasts for 1-2 weeks.
  • Daily diving.

2.Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaGreat Barrier Ree AustraliaSurprisingly beautiful reefs extend over more than 1,500 kilometers along the Australian North Coast. Here it is a common practice to see rare inhabitants of the underwater world. It is better to visit the reef in the dry season, from June to August. From November to May there are a lot of jellyfish.

3.Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean IslandsCaribbean IslandsThese groups of islands are very different, but diving here is unique. The islands are perfect for beginner divers or, as they say, casual tourists. The Turks are to the east. This place is beautiful and picturesque. Here you can often see dolphins and sharks. It is very interesting that almost all the reefs are very close to the coast.

4.The Andaman coast, ThailandAndaman coast

The visibility of water on the Similan islands is about 20-30 meters and sometimes reaches 50 meters. Enjoy diving on the Andaman coast from November to April and avoid the rainy season.

5.Big Island of Hawaii, the USA

In the depths of the sea, you can see such inhabitants, which you will not see anywhere else in the world. For example a fish with a difficult name Humuhumunukunukupuaa.

Island of Hawaii USA

Among locals, it is even believed that if you are lucky enough to see this island symbol, you will be very happy. On the Big Island try night scuba diving. If you come here from December to April, you can even hear the humpback whales singing.

6.Sunken ferry Zenobia, Cyprus

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You can see untouched fragments of a huge ferry lying on the left side. Sunken ferry Zenobia is probably the best place for recreational diving in the whole world. It has relatively small depth and very good visibility.

7.Stoney Cove, England

Located in Leicestershire, in the heart of England, Stony Cove’s flooded quarry has become the most visited place of the country among those that are not on the coast. The reasons are obvious – this quarry can offer something interesting to divers of any level and is a popular place for diving training. Pikes and perches top the list of local aquatic inhabitants; besides that, underwater you can find enough sights to return here again and again.

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