Madeira’s makeover

Madeira is a real paradise in the middle of the Atlantic

Madeira is one of the oldest elite European resorts. Holiday in Madeira is possible at any time of year thanks to unique climatic conditions. The coast of the island is washed by the warm current of the Gulf Stream, so that the average annual water temperature on the island is between 21°C and 18°C. Vacation in Madeira means curative sea air, diving, fishing, golf and other entertainments. You will, surely, have no chance to be bored.


Previously, it was believed that Madeira was a place for the rest of older people. Since many retired people came here on holidays. What is more, there were occasions when they died right in the hotel and were shipped off the island.

Nowadays, Madeira is in the midst of a makeover. All the attention is concentrated on a younger traveler, who needs a true adventure.

Portugal Madeira Islands

Madeira, a place for active holidays

Madeira offers entertainment to any taste. Nowadays, Madeira is a place for extreme lovers. Entertainment here is a huge exotic set:  swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, playing with whales, exploring the underwater grottoes and caves, sailing cruises and many more.

Madeira diving water photo

Fans of adventure holidays will also appreciate excellent trekking routes to the mountainous part of the island, where you can go in for rock climbing or mountain tourism under the guidance of local instructors. There are also bicycles and bikes rental, stables and golf courses of international level.

In addition, you can be engaged in tuna fishing or underwater hunting for blue marlin. There is a rental of inventory for diving enthusiasts. Surprisingly beautiful underwater landscape, created millions of years ago by glacial faults and lava flows, will not leave anyone indifferent.

porto-moniz madeira

The main resorts of the island are Funchal (the capital) and Porto Santo.

Using the lift, you can climb to the top of Mount Monte, and observe an unrivaled view of the island and the ocean. Do not forget also to visit two botanical gardens: “Orchid Garden” and “Jardim Botanico”, which impress you with the beauty of the nature.

madeira botanicka

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