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Tropical islands for a perfect holiday

Tropical resorts are a favorite place for unverifiable romantics. Each of these strange corners has its own history and unique traditions. There are still mysterious rituals alive, and pirate treasures are kept on the bottom of the oceans. Here the ancient villages are imbued with colonial spirit, and the cities are real museums in the open air. Scuba diving enthusiasts are waiting for the richest underwater world, and fans of active recreation — a wide range of water activities: surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, parasailing and others. And, of course, to the services of travelers — gourmet cuisine and the highest level of service in the best hotels and elegant SPA-centers. We will tell you about the best tropical places to travel.

tropical travel destination

Tropical destinations for all budgets


The world standard of luxury is the island of Mauritius. This is the direction of tropical travel and cruises on Indian Ocean; the resort is exquisite and gorgeous. Its hotels occupy the first lines of world ratings, being considered a model of elegance and good taste.

No less luxurious is the nature of the island, created as if specifically, to fit a variety of tastes. There are azure lagoons and coasts with an ocean wave, coral reefs and snow-white beaches. Be sure to visit the botanical gardens of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, located on the north coast of the island, and the Black River Gorges National Park, which is on the west coast. This is the best place in the world for hunting blue marlin, which the language does not turn to call fishing.

Mauritius on Indian Ocean

The island of Mauritius is famous, above all, for its beaches, ideal ecology, luxurious hotels, generous fishing and fascinating diving. To date, tours to Mauritius are in the TOP-10 of the best beach destinations.

Seychelles islands

If Mauritius — the standard of luxury hotels, the Seychelles — just the most beautiful place in the world. It is a paradise for lovers of lush tropical nature and for incorrigible romantics: a pristine world and inspiration embodied in nature. Nowhere are such enchanting fiery sunsets, such black rocks, rising from the ocean abysses, such fantastic landscapes.

Holiday in Seychelles is different from the usual understanding of vacation. Unforgettable diving, a romantic dinner on the ocean, luxury SPA and the exclusive right to live alone on the whole island. The islands of the archipelago are small, and are located quite far apart. Each of them has its own color, its flavor. Many hotels in Seychelles are visited by world stars and movie actors.


It’s the standard of exclusive rest, a symbol of solitude and full-fledged relaxation. It is a tropical place to travel far from civilization and the noise of cities.

Almost any Maldivian hotel is a coral atoll and a chain of huts leaving from it to the sea, and on the island everything else: a bungalow, a fitness center, restaurants and bars. Maldivian cuisine is based on the culinary traditions of India and partly the Arab East. In respectable hotels, the menu includes a rich selection of European and Mediterranean dishes. Another, quite sophisticated, option of living in the Maldives is yachts. Places on them are about the same as the number in the hotel.

The main attraction is a mosque with a high minaret built in the 16th century. Next door, in the garden of the former Maldivian sultan — the National Historical Museum.

Mauritius as a tropical travel destination

The Cook Islands

It is archipelago in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. The northern part of the archipelago is composed of islands of volcanic origin, the southern part — coral atolls. The culture of the archipelago is colorful and diverse. Each of the islands has its own customs and traditional crafts. Several times a year, festivals are held here, on which the islanders compete in the ancient art of dance.

Cook Islands escaped the massive influx of tourists, and therefore attract those who dream of seeing Polynesia as it was before the arrival of Europeans.

In this tropical journey it is worth to visit the cultural Village of the Cook Islands, lying next to Arorangi, which is an ethnographic open-air museum. Also do not forget to make a safari in the mountains or the rainforest, visit the market where products of local masters are sold, diving and deep sea fishing.

Tropical destinations to visit in US

Puerto Rico (United States)

The island is located in Central America. Beautiful tropical place to travel in the US. It’s warm and sunny almost all year round. The tourist season lasts from December to March.

In the old part of San Juan are still preserved defenses from attacks by pirates. Visit the Ponce Museum of Art, considered the best in the Caribbean, the Ponce Museum of History and the Musical Museum of Puerto Rico. The central part of the city of Ponce, consisting of squares, churches, beautifully decorated colonial houses, magnificent fountains.

And for fans of entertainment, during the year there are many local festivals, including religious processions, games, and live performances and tasting of dishes of national cuisine. From November to February, the sports season for baseball lasts.

Puerto Rico in United States

Virgin Islands

Another place you should visit in USA. The island has something to see for lovers of beautiful landscapes and nature. It’s a humid tropical climate there. The rainiest months are October and November. The best time to travel is from January to April.

In the city of St. Thomas — on the main island of the archipelago is worth a look at Fort Kristjan, Market Square Charlotte Amalie, Blackbeard Castle and Mount St. Peter. St. John is a small island, more than half of the territory is occupied by the picturesque National Park of the Virgin Islands. On the island of Santa Cruz are the colonial city of Christiansted, the wineries of Krusan and excellent beaches.

Also, you can see the islands from a bird’s-eye view, take an excursion by plane. Walks on the yacht will allow you to enjoy the underwater world, and try fishing for blue and white marlin. Konencho, diving in these picturesque places will be unforgettable.

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