Best Bahamas beach resorts: Paradise on Earth found!

Sick of your work? Dream of lying on snow-white sand and bathing in the ocean? Have put wallpapers with solitary beach surrounded by palm trees on your PC, and thinking of taking an inflatable pool to your workplace? You definitely need a holiday! Right now! And the Bahamas is a perfect place. Let’s take a closer look at what the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is ready to offer tourists. Here are our top 3 best Bahamas beach resorts.

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Exuma Cays, Pig Beach

Exuma Cays Pig Beach

Most of us believe that pigs like dirt and mess. Visiting this island beach will turn your point of view upside down. In addition to white sand, high palm trees and pure turquoise water, this cay can boast unique and cute ‘local population’, feral pigs. Pigs here like to swim and entertain tourists, as they usually bring something tasty to feed these funny animals. The island is uninhabited, like the majority of islands nearby, so it is a best choice for those who like animals and do not like crowded beaches.

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Nassau and Paradise Island

Nassau and Paradise Island

If you, on the contrary, cannot imagine a vacation without luxury all-inclusive hotels, wild parties and new acquaintances, the main island of the Bahamas archipelago, Nassau, and Paradise Island, connected with it by bridge, are at your disposal. Of course, if you have enough money, as there are no budget accommodation at all. Here you can find the best Bahamas beach resorts and hotels, while beaches themselves are not so remarkable. Atlantis Paradise Island Resort stands out among plush hotels, as it has a huge water park with a great amount of slides, attractions and swimming pools. Tourists also have an opportunity to attend various fests; one of them is RumBahamas Festival, as the Bahamas is a motherland of this drink, much appreciated by Caribbean pirates.


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Long Island

Long Island

Thrill-seekers will also find entertainment to their taste. Dean’s Blue Hole (663 ft, comparing with the depth of Great Blue Hole in Belize, which is only 407 ft deep) is the most popular place for freediving on Long Island. Freediving is a kind of underwater diving without scuba gear, which means that you have to be able to hold your breath for some time. Those who like adventure holidays will remember this wonderful experience for the rest of their lives. However, you should be on the alert, as every year many experienced divers die in this blue hole.


People, who, like Simba from ‘The Lion King’ movie, laugh in the face of danger, will also be able to try shark diving and shark feeding at Compass Cay.

Bahamas dive


And if you are tired of active leisure and just want to lie on the beach, go to Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island. As you have understood from the name of the beach, it is that particular beach with gentle pale pink sand you may have seen on various postcards.

Sands Beach

Hope I have inspired you to plan your vacation at one of those best Bahamas beach resorts any time soon. Have a nice holiday!


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