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The most beautiful beaches in the world.

There are thousands of unbelievably amazing beaches around the world and it is almost impossible to single out the best. After all, all of us have different preferences: sand or pebbles, noisy or quiet beaches. Nevertheless, we have chosen 13 beaches that impressed us the most.

Hidden beach (Marieta Islands, Mexico)

The path to this “beach of love” passes through the dark and narrow natural tunnels. A trip to the Hidden Beach should be planned and booked in advance, because only six people can be on the beach at the same time.

 picture Hidden beach Kaihalulu beach or Red Sand Beach (Maui, Hawaii)

It is really an amazing place, which is famous for its dark red sand. Such an unusual color of sand is due to long-lasting eruptions of the volcano, which is vanished now.

Île aux Cerf Island (Mauritius)

It is a small island near the coast of Mauritius, with beautiful beaches, clear white sand and opal water. Despite its small size, the island has everything necessary to meet all the needs of tourists.

picture Île aux Cerf Island

Maya Bay (Ko Phi Phi Leh, Thailand)

“Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio was shot at this beach. The decision was more than justified: a beautiful beach with an emerald water, typical long boats, green hills and cliffs.

Playa Paraiso (Cayo Largo, Cuba) 

Playa Paraiso is a magnificent stretch of white sand along the clear water of the Caribbean Sea. The beach is a part of the nature reserve. That is why it is maintained in its natural state. You will not find hotels here and small snack bars.

Anse Lazio Beach (Praslin Island, Seychelles)

It is a spectacular beach on Praslin Island. Surrounded by granite rocks and many sandy bays, this is really a charming place.

Whitehaven Beach (Australia)

It is six kilometers of perfect white sand. The island, on which this beach is located, is a national park and is protected by the state. It allows preserving the nature in its pristine state.

picture Whitehaven Beach

Motu Tofari Beach (Bora Bora)

An intimate and romantic atmosphere reigns at this coral beach. Overwater bungalows complement this incredible beauty.

White Beach (Philippines, Boracay)

Boracay is recognized as the most beautiful place in the world. Warm water and soft sand makes White Beach one of the best beaches in Asia. Here you can observe one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

picture White Beach

Horseshoe Bay (Bermuda)

It is considered to be the best place for diving. Thanks to shallow water and soft pink sand, this place is perfect for relaxing with

Cayo de Agua (Venezuela, Los Roques National Park)

You can enjoy yourself at a wonderful beach with white sand and turquoise Caribbean water on both sides in this national park.

picture Cayo de Agua El Nido Beach (Palawan, Philippines)

Take pleasure on this paradise beach by the South China Sea. Its colorful water (due to the variety of the surrounding seabed) is an ideal place for diving enthusiasts.

Cocoa Island (Maldives)

This small private island is a perfect place for those, who prefer solitude. Small houses are located over the ocean. You can make only 3 steps and find yourself in crystal clear water, through which you can see the purest ocean bottom.

picture Cocoa Island

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