10 Best beaches: a Paradise on Earth

Sea, sand, chaise-longue and a glass with something cool – it is a recipe of a perfect rest. But, the main thing is to choose the right beach, which would fully correspond to your tastes and character, to make your summer vacation successful. So, today we invite you to a sightseeing tour of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Let’s go!

Pink Sands Beach (Bahamas) – the most beautiful beach

Stunning pinkish sand against the background of the azure sea and the sky makes a terrific impression on holidaymakers.

Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh) – the longest beach

The title of “the longest beach” belongs to the Cox’s Bazar. This fact is documented by the Guinness Book of Records. This beach stretches for 120 kilometers along the entire coast from the city of Chittagong to the Myanmar border.

Las Salinas (Ibiza, Spain) – the most fashionable beach

The reputation of the most fashionable beach in the world has long been won by Las Salinas. So-called “golden youth” and socialites from different countries hang out here. The best clubs and DJs arrange here their parties.



Anse Source D’Argent (Seychelles) – the most photographed beach

The beauty of this secluded beach in the Seychelles is a magnet for professional photographers and amateurs. It consists of several coves, separated by huge granite boulders of a bizarre shape.


Varadero (Cuba) – the cleanest beach

Varadero beaches have been recognized as the cleanest over the past few years. Gentle sea and clean sand make tourist visit this place over and over.


Copacabana (Brazil) – the best city beach

The famous Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro is an endless Brazilian carnival, festive euphoria and a feeling of carefree life. About three million people gather at this beach to meet the New Year every December.


 South Beach (Miami) – the best topless beach

Forbes magazine recognized the famous Florida South Beach as the best topless beach in the world. Not only ordinary tourists, but also Hollywood stars visit this beach.



Lombok (Indonesia) – the quietest beach

It is a perfect place for those who appreciate privacy, peace and tranquility. There is a great chance that you will never meet other tourists for all the time of a rest. The Oberoi Lombok is the only hotel here, which possess only 20 luxury villas scattered all over the beach.


Koversada (Croatia) – the most popular beach among nudists

Croatia’s Adriatic coast is by right the center of world nudism. It takes the first place in terms of concentration of nudist beaches and resorts.


Wakaya (Fiji) – the wildest beach

The Wakaya Island, lost in the tropical thickets and blue transparent lagoons, is one of the few paradise places on Earth, untouched by human civilization.


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