Pink Beach is named as Pantai Merah. It is an amazing feature of Komodo Island. It is one of the wonders of nature. There are seven pink beaches on the planet Earth. Its pink color is due to microscopic animals called Foraminifera. These animals produce a red pigment on the coral reefs. That is why it is also called Red Beach. These small fragments of red coral mix with the white sands and produce a pink color. It is seen along the coastline. Due to these pigments, the eastern bay of komodo also has a pinkish tone.

Komodo Island, Pink Beach

It is located at the West of Flores Island and in the East Nusa Tenggara. It is known as the natural habitat of the Komodo dragon. This lizard is the largest living creature on the earth of its kind. It is named after this island. Komodo is one of the three larger islands. It consists of Komodo National Park. It is a place for many species. Komodo exhibits perfect scenery for the visitors. It is full of interesting and ever-loving activities. It is rich in marine beauty.

The Pink Beach of Komodo with its soft pink touch romanticizes every visitor. It includes the perfect relaxation element nature offers. It is full of panoramic scenes of the deep sea and the blue sky above it. The spectacular pink sands are worth watching. It is to be noted that there are two to three pink beaches in the Komodo National Park. One of them is a popular place for tourism. Pink Beach is full of tourists. The contrast of blue water with the pink sand is absolutely a marvel. The pink color of the beach overshadows all the other features of this fascinating place. You will be blown away by the beauty of the pink sand.

Features of Pink Beach

• The most fascinating feature of Pink Beach is its underwater garden. It has been preserved for millions of years. It is a habitat of thousands of fishes. One of the pink beach Indonesia facts is that it contains more than a hundred species of hard and soft corals.

• The sea around the Pink Beach is abundant in species. It is one of the terrific choices to make. If you are a beginner diver these thousands of species entertain you in the warm water of the sea.

• The coral, the fish, and sea anemone are dazzling. The fish underwater stays stationary for a long time. The fish finds feed among the corals and the sea anemones. The beauty of sea creatures in Komodo reaches to a great extent.

• The underwater world in Komodo is very exciting. Especially the colorful corals is a gift to watch.

• It is good news for animal lovers. One of the pink beach Indonesia facts is that it is a habitat to 2,500 Komodo dragons. It is a giant lizard with its powerful claws and spotted skin. It makes it a marvel to watch. These wild animals are dangerous. They are also seen roaming around the coast. It makes the Pink Beach more exciting and adventurous.

• The best months to visit the island are April, May, and June. Monsoon season overs and the temperature is not too high. The months of September, October, and November exhibit moderate weather. The summer season in the Komodo is windy and there are lots of boats around the sea.

• It is a treat for photography lovers. You can capture the stunning natural beauty of the island. The passion of photography compels you to be the part of Komodo Pink Beach.

• The sunset at the Pink Beach is a healthy diet for the nature lovers. Its view is amazing. Do not miss the chance to enjoy the sunset at Pink Beach. The sun saying goodbye to the soft pink touch of the sea is just a joy to watch.

• If you are fond of water sports or a relaxing swim around the coast pink beach is the best place for you. Be there and enjoy Kayaking, a magnificent water sport for sea lovers.

• Komodo island pink beach resort is a place to check-in.

Komodo Pink Beach Indonesia Resort

It is a resort along the beach. It lies 6 kilometers from Komodo National Park. It is a recreational and lovely looking place. You may find good food, lovely staff, and professional diving in Komodo Island Pink Beach resort. It is rich in Indonesian and Italian cuisine. It is one of the best places on the island.

How to Reach the Pink Beach

Bali airport will suit you to find your destination. The best route to the Pink Beach is through this city. It has all the international flights available from all around the world. From Bali, you have to move to Labuan Bajo through a small jet. Once you reach Labuan Bajo, Komodo is waiting for you. You can move to Komodo by speed boat. The port in Labuan Bajo is near from the airport just there in time. The romantic vacation on Pink Beach is your destination.


The climate in Komodo and the Pink Beach is tropical. It remains hot around the air. The rainy season from December to March is a feast. The dry season ranges from June to September. Rainfall varies in the rainy season but more often it rains for two hours in the morning and then in the afternoon. The temperature of the island usually remains high. Humidity is high it can make the heat muggy. Rainfall is not abundant. Sunshine prevails the island when the sunshine bright. The sand shows a pink texture. The pink color of the sand in the bright sunshine is a scene worth watching. The seawater is warm and it remains warm throughout the year. The temperature can reach up to 27 degrees and as high as 29 degrees. Tropical cyclones also make their way to the island. They originate from the Timor Sea.

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