Popular Mexico beach resorts

Acapulco is a world famous resort on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Snow-white beaches and vibrant nightlife attract tourists the most. The water temperature never falls below 22 °C. The resort can boast beautiful hotel infrastructure and, of course, wonderful beaches. Acapulco competes with Cancun for the title of the most visited resort in Mexico.

Snow-white beaches

Cancun is one of the most famous resorts on Gulf Coast of Mexico and is located on the Yucatan peninsula. It is built on a long and narrow 25-kilometer sand spit, which is surrounded by Caribbean Sea and a lagoon. It is famous for endless beaches with snowy sand, crystal clear sea water and proximity to the monuments of Mayan civilization.

crystal clear sea

The resort area of Los Cabos stretches along the sea for almost 40 km between the cities of San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. This is a new, expensive and prestigious resort.

Puerto Vallarta is a seaside resort town located on the shores of the Banderas Bay (the largest bay on the Pacific coast of Mexico). It is a cozy colonial city. Along the coast there are many rocks with tunnels.

Puerto Vallarta

Riviera Maya is a young resort. The main contingent is Europeans. Riviera Maya is well-suited for family holidays. Mostly, hotels do not exceed the height of palm trees.

Cozumel is the largest island in Mexico (14 km wide and 53 km long). It is famous for its underwater world and the second largest coral reef in the world with a length of over 700 km.

Holidays in Mexico

In addition to ancient civilizations and prominent history, Mexico is well known for its beaches, which can be subdivided into 2 groups: the beaches of the Pacific coast and the beaches of the Caribbean Sea.

The lagoons of the Caribbean Sea stand out with warm water and snow-white sand, and the Pacific beaches will impress you with the marvelous azure color of their waters. Anyway, each resort is amazing in its own way, and you will be able to spend a memorable holiday by choosing any of them.

sugar beach

All the beaches are sandy, public, and, as a rule, free. Every beach has flags of various colors according to different weather conditions. If it is safe to swim in the sea, the flag is green, and if it is dangerous, the flag is red.

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