A place having coordinates 50.6423 degrees north and 1.9236 degrees west made up of chalk is called Old Harry Rocks. These three chalk formations consist of a stack and a stump. It is located at Handfast Point. These rocks are located in Dorset, on the South Coast of England. These rocks extend 95 miles from Dorset to East Devon. The Old Harry Rocks have been a part of a chalk formation from Studland to the Isle of Wight. The minerals have been eroded by sea and air. So nothing remains except the Old Harry Rocks. In the south of these rocks is the Jurassic basin. This basin has thermally-mature oil shale. This offshore area is full of Wytch Farm oil and gas. The Old Harry Rocks on the Isle of Purbeck is a wonderful viewpoint between the coast of Studland and Swanage. Geologists call this place a stack. It is an isolated pillar of rock sticking up from the sea. The Old Harry’s nameless wives also accompany him still in the form of a stump. It was thought that Old Harry has a couple of wives. Old Harry’s original wife fell in 1509. The new ones have been formed by the growth of narrow isthmuses.

These cliffs are the first on the South West Coast Path. It is a view one should go to see because the photographer cannot catch every angle of the place. Old Harry is formed by erosion processes. It is a process in which air and water are forced into small cracks by the sea. This enlarges cracks. The Old Harry Rocks are the stacks resulted from a hydraulic action. There are wildflowers. But the view of Studland Bay is awesome. The cliffs are sheer and steep.

Why the Name Old Harry?

The name Old Harry to this place is given because of a famous pirate Harry Paye. It is a story that the ship of the pirate stands behind the Old Harry Rocks and snatch the items from the other ships of merchants. Some people also say that these rocks are named after the devil. The devil enjoyed asleep on the rocks. The ground behind the Old Harry is called Old Nick’s Ground. The Royal Geological Society has given this name to the rocks. The old harry rocks height is approximately 40ft.

Facts About Old Harry Rocks Facts

• It lies between the bays of Studland and Swanage.
• Old Harry Rocks form a headland. This is because calk is resistant to erosion than clay.
• Calks are made up of single-celled organisms that live in the sea.
• Old Harry Rocks have formed 65 million years ago.
• In the future, there are chances that Old Harry Rocks will become a cave due to erosion. The cave will then be transformed into an arch.
• The stack of Old Harry Rock will become a stump soon. These will be the results of the process of erosion.
• One of the old harry rocks facts is their rocks include a collection of islands, Starks, a natural arch and stumps.


It is an almost smooth path. There is a section where a little uneven path is present. Small descents are present. It is also a good spot for hikers. There are long but smooth climbs. Anyone who loves to walk and absorb the beauty of nature will surely love to come here again and again.

Walk to Old Harry Rocks

It is an amazing experience. It is like walking with the sea. If you are in search of a wonderful walking experience, it would be on a fine spring day. The place is surrounded by wildflowers, butterflies, and bees. Old Harry rocks walk is a journey of a lifetime. The deep blue sea under the sky makes the scene worth watching. You may also see migrant birds such as wood pigeons. They move across the water in the autumn season. The place is charming for children. It exhibits beautiful rock formations. These rocks make children excited but a little care is needed.

Things to Do at Old Harry Rocks

• Do not miss a chance to take your dog for a wonderful experience of a walk along the sandy beach of the sea. It is an overwhelming experience.

• The stature of cliffs of chalk in eternal beauty. One of the things you may enjoy is a long pony ride along the coast. It adds fun to old harry rocks walk.

• You may look for scuba diving. The cliffs are at a great altitude. The old harry rocks height is best suited for scuba diving. It will add an extra lift to your scuba.

• The coastline is surrounded by nature and wildlife areas. Here you may enjoy species of birds especially the wood pigeons. Do not miss the chance of hiking. These trails are an asset of nature left for you.

• You may also see the Swanage railway and its transportation system near the coast. Jurassic coast with its geologic formations will adorn your trip to Old Harry Rocks. You can enjoy fun games and shopping too. You can also enjoy boating. It will surely be a historical and heritage tour.

• Waterparks for the children are truly amazing. Beaches add to the beauty of Old Harry Rocks. You may find historic sites to relish if you are a culture-loving person.

• One of the fascinating things on Old Harry Rocks is piers and broad walks. Longboat tours and art museums with lush clean gardens make your tour a complete package. It is a jackpot to visit such a complete place left by nature.

• The place is rich in games and entertainment centers. The blue water spa and wellness club are like a cherry on the top. No other place can compete Old Harry Rocks for its walking tours. The gift of nature is waiting for you.

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