Hong Island, Krabi, is also known, Koh Hong. “Hong” means room. This refers to the lagoons and limestone caves present on this unique island. This archipelago consists of a dozen islands. Some of them are so small that they do not have beaches of their own. The biggest island has several beautiful beaches. The wonderful rock formation and the natural lagoon of this archipelago have attracted many visitors. Many huge limestone formations are surrounded by a lagoon. It is approximately 5 miles from the mainland Krabi Province. There is only a single entrance to the inner lake. This entrance channel is about 10 meters wide. You can enter this lake by using a long tail boat or a kayak. The water is perfect for swimming. It is not so deep. The depth is just about 1 meter. The best time to visit this archipelago is from November to April.

It is a part of the National Marine Park. It requires 20 minutes from Ao Nang to reach this island by a speedboat. It may take 45 minutes by a long tail boat. These islands are set against the beautiful Phang Nga Bay. This is why these islands are considered to be among the most beautiful places in Krabi Province. The main island is Koh Hong.

Habitat of Koh Hong

Koh Hong is not suitable for humans but many birds, white-faced gibbons, and lizards can be found on the main white sand beach. The presence of twin bays on the east side and to rockier beaches on its north shore has made this island an amazing place to visit. Most of the island comprises of high cliffs. The Hong Island Lagoon is surrounded by these cliffs.

Features of Hong Islands:

The main island Koh Hong has many features such as:

• The presence of beaches has given a spectacular view to this island.
• The flooded center of the island can be visited by small boats and kayaks.
• This island is a part of Tharn Bok Khorani National Park.
• The rangers look after the natural environment of the island.
• The Rangers Station consists of public toilets and small restaurants.
• There are different colorful butterflies seen on the cliff face of limestone.
• The presence of mall trees and vegetation provides shade from the afternoon sun.
• The beautiful green view of trees and native shrubs surrounding the circular area of the clean water gives comfort to the eyes.
• The sand stretches along the seashore it creates spectacular scenery.
• Speedboats and many other water activities are present here.
• It is the hub for scuba diving. You will find many species of fish in the clear water of the Hong Islands.
• The Hong Island Kayaking along the white silica beach will increase your pleasure during the holidays.
• If you are fond of water sports. It is an amazing place to play Kayaking.

Ways to go to Hong Island

Water is the only way of transportation. You have to choose between a long-tail boat and speedboat. The motorboat can only enter the water when it is mid-tide. If you use Hong Island Kayaking then the kayak is provided by the tour company. If you want to enjoy the peace in seclusion then start your tour around 7 am. At that time you will have the island to yourself.

Hong Island Lagoon

There are many reasons to visit Hong Island. The stunning lagoon on the north side is an eye-capturing view. It is not a crowded place. The main beach is filled with people. It is best to get into the Hong Island Lagoon at low tide. The emerald green water is a feast to swim in a shallow lagoon. It can make your day. It is a nice place for a pleasant lunch. You can also enjoy many drinks. The boat is the key to explore the island.

Ways to Enjoy at Hong Island

There are many things to do at Hong Island. You can relish yourself by the beauty and the color changing of the water by going into depth.

• If you are fond of snorkeling then this place is the best option for you. There is no other place like this in Thailand. The crystal water has a wide range of colorful fish. This makes your snorkeling more enjoyable.
• A boat trip to Koh Hong is one of the absolute best things to do on Hong Island.
• You should visit the island during day time because you cannot stay there for a long time. There are no hotels and rest houses.
• You can enjoy swimming in the dream beaches.
• You can have a delicious lunch at Koh Hong Island.
• In Hong Island, people can sit comfortably on a long tail boat. They enjoy the view of the beaches. For this ride, you do not have to wait for the people to fill the boat.
• At the back of Hong Island, there is a beautiful lagoon which is also perfect for swimming.
• After arriving at Koh Hong Island you can get an entrance to National park from there you can go straight to the beach. For this entrance, you have to pay an extra fee. The fee is 200 Baht per person.
• The fish found here are not afraid of the people so, you can have pictures with them.
• You can buy water, beer or any other drinks from the small shops available on the beach. The prizes are much higher so if you want to save some money take some food and drinks with you.

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