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Backpackers live an enormous exciting life. An adventurous spirit yearning to be at different places, to meet new people, to learn about different cultures and way of living. Wanting not to be confined in a place and do routinary things every single day. There are mainly two types of backpackers.

The first one is sort of an occasional backpacker who goes to places when they have free days or vacations. This might just be short trips taken from time to time. Then there’s the full-time backpacker who often travels for a long period of time, that sets him apart from the occasional ones.

The full-time backpackers, had given up something in order to pursue their quest for traveling. It might be their 9 to 5 job or having a business. Some had saved first, quit their jobs and live as backpackers. Always traveling within a budget hence finding places new other people might know of.

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Best Places to Go Backpacking

Before a backpacker ventures to other countries to visit; he /she experienced backpacking in his / her country. This is to prepare oneself to bigger adventures outside your motherland. These are the best places to go locally.

1. Pick a place to explore near your home. This will be a good starting point
of your backpacking life.
2. Find a good place for a daylight hike.
3. Choose a popular trail to go on a farther hike.
4. Go to a well-established camp to have a feel of being away from your home.
5. Consider going to walk in campgrounds. Some countries or states have national parks,
national campsites and national hiking sites.

After having led a life as a backpacker; your next stop is to travel to more places and to see the world. Your journey has just begun.

Best Backpacking Destinations

These are the destinations with continuous growth in booking. They continue to amaze a great percent of backpackers.

1. Georgia
On top of the travel radar, backpackers will continue to flock this country. There’s a lot to see just in its capital city, Tbilisi. It can consume a big part of your stay here. You can stroll around the ancient ruins or walk down Old Town.

Don’t forget to have a taste of the famous dumpling in Georgia. Try their bathouse or just take trips outside the city. Have a taste of their local wine at Kakheti.

view of town Tbilisi

2. Malta
A beauty overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A relaxing getaway that includes historical sites, ancient ruins and sparkling blue sea. Honey colored ancient buildings adorned this country. On top of a limestone cliff you’ll see a sight to behold.

beach and houses of Malta

3. Turkey
Renowned for their good cuisine. Another Mediterranean paradise. It’s appeal lies to its sandy white beaches, stunning turquoise water. Plus its archaeological wonders and captivating culture.

temple in Turkey

4. Sri Lanka
Home to chaotic cities, mountain towns, diverse wildlife and exotic beaches. Home to a lot of wild life. You have a chance to see wild leopards, elephants, crocodiles and buffalo. You can also spot a blue whale.

temples in Sri Lanka

5. Egypt
One of the oldest civilizations in the world. Explore an ancient city that offers pyramids, temples and be amazed by the Lost city. Unravel the mystery that is Egypt.

pyramids of Egypt

Best Backpacking Trips in the World

1. New Zealand
A lot of great outdoors although relatively a smaller island. Has a wide range of jaw -dropping landscapes. Available mode of transportation specially geared towards the backpacking community. Welcoming hitchhiking and renting of campers as a good alternative.

A wonderful experience whether you are hiking, trekking, surfing or even go skydiving. Special mention of Fiorland, Queensland and Raglan as places of interest you might want to check out on.

mountains of New Zealand

2. India
Undoubtedly an interesting country to go to. Very rich in culture, history, people and food. India can leave you breathless and overwhelmed. Explore the culinary side of India. You might go to remote and laidback towns like Goa and Kerala. There is an abundance of palaces and grand fort.

Taj Mahal in India

3. Cambodia
Cambodia’s fabulous heritage, warm and friendly people plus an untamed wild terrain and landscape can make your trip memorable. Laidback cities and towns is a perfect place to go see. Rich in its culture and ancient temples of grandeur ready to be discovered by you.

4. Laos
Laos has a rich history that dates back 10000 years. You can experience a world of adventure with a glimpse of their historical culture. Having a good cup of coffee with a backdrop of the verdant countryside. You will definitely leave your heart here.

river in Laos

5. Spain
Majestic Spain with all its diversity. Affordable in contrast with other European countries. A good blend of the old and the modern culture. There is Barcelona for modernity, Madrid for its hip vibes and the mountain villages at bay.

architecture of Spain

From a viewpoint of a backpacker; it’s really a wonderful world that we live in. So many places to go to. Too many destinations one can take in this beautiful world. They say, once you start traveling you can never stop.

As a backpacker, you will always the world at your back!

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