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Hiking trails of Germany Where everyone wants to make an adventure

Painter’s way
Painter’s way is located in the Elbe Mountains and is the most beautiful hiking trail in Germany. It starts and ends in the Pirna. It is about 112km in length. There are eight stages of the hiking trail each consists of 17km. From these eight stages, the second stage is the most popular as it covers the Bastei Bridge which crosses the rocks. To reach the Polezntal Valley, you have to pass through a narrow tunnel. There are about 21,000 different routes for climbing this hiking trail. It proves a peaceful Germany Hiking Trip and is only closed in the heavy snow or rainfall.

Painter’s way in Geramany

The Heidschnuckenweg Trail
This trail starts from Hamburg, and it ends in the Celle a town in Lower Saxony of Germany. The length of this hiking trail is about 223km and 13 days are required to complete this breathtaking trail. It is considered an easier hiking trail when compared with Eifelsteig and Reinstein. It is best to hike in the months from April to September as it becomes more romantic and spectacular these days. It is difficult and not suitable to hike in the winter season that lasts from November to March.

The Heidschnuckenweg Trail in Germany

The Rheinsteig Trail
The Rheinsteig trail starts from Bonn, and it ends in the Wiesbaden. This trail follows the Rhine River. The length of this hiking trail is about 320km, and starting and ending point of hiking depends upon the tourist mood and stamina. This trail is divided into 21 stages. This trail has a beautiful and different landscape. It takes about 18 to 21 days to complete this hiking trail. The middle of this trail is famous for its winemaking areas, and there are also villages that are restored as they were in the Medieval Times. It is good to hike this trail in the season when the temperature is moderate, and the weather is dry.

The Rheinsteig Trail in Germany

This hiking trail sometimes also known as “Grand Canyon of Romanticism.” It gives an opportunity to explore the world to the till the boundaries and grounds of the Rhine Valley. While hiking just keeps one thing in mind that this hike requires an adequate amount of energy, caliber, and fitness.

The Rhine Castle Trail
The Rhine Castle Trail is located in the Rhine Valley. This trail starts from Bingen and ends at Remagen. It is one of the most romantic places in Germany. The length of this hiking trail is about 200km. This trail is divided into 13 stages. There are about fifteen different castles and is attracting those people that are impressed by the kings, princess, and dragon-like things. In the 19th century, it was the source of inspiration for many artists. This trail should also be hiked in the dry and moderate weather.

The Rhine Castle Trail in Germany

The Reinstein Trail
It is one of the oldest hiking trails for about 700 years ago. This trail starts from Horschel, and it ends at Blankstein. The length of this hiking trail is approximately 169km, and there are about 6 stages of hiking in The Reinstein trail. This trail runs through the Thuringian forest. Well, known castle Wartburg is located at the quick detour from this hiking trail.

The Reinstein Trail in Germany

Triberg Waterfall
It is the Germany highest waterfall which offers many surprises. It is located in the Black Forest of Germany. The waterfalls about 163 meters down in the river Gutach. The path leading towards this waterfall consists of seven stages. There is the fascinating view of waterfall especially after the snowmelt and during heavy rain. These waterfalls are lighted in the evening until 22:00 to make the sight fascinating at the night time.

Triberg Waterfall in Germany

Eifel Trail
Eifel Trail is such a trail which is not only suitable for hiking purposes but Where rock and water accompany travelers and moves along with them as a companion. The place where you can’t find them, then just imagine you have entered a place where the wild daffodils bloom in spring, and their fragrance will attract you that has been spread in the air. This is considered as the best hiking trails in Germany, and its difficulty level is just moderate with a distance of 313 kilometers. One best bet tip about its coverage area is 86 kilometers of Wildnistrail. In fact, this trail is much worth of mere hike.

Eifel Trail in Germany

Black Forest
Difficulty level for this hike is Easy, and its distance is 200 kilometers. Apparently, this is the first tie where hike towards Black Forest has started. There are three popular hiking spots – Westweg, Mittelweg and the third one is Ostweg. Its hike is relaxing and most of the people constantly conquering it during hike journey, travelers entertain the beauty of traditional farms, remains of castles and well-marked colorful paths.

Black Forest in Germany

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