Grand Canyon National Park

Going hiking in Arizona has many benefits. You get fresh air to breathe, a beautiful view to experience and plenty of muscular advantages. It reduces our stress, and you become energetic. It helps you maintain your balance and to control your weight. Climbing even a small hill can increases pulse rate and burn extra calories helping you lose your weight. The immense about of oxygen supply is like breathing in heaven The unique species of birds are another joy of nature that can be truly mesmerizing experience on the best backpacking trails in Arizona.

Amazing Places for the Best Backpacking in Arizona

Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, and Beaver Falls

Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, and Beaver Falls is located in Supai, Arizona. The trail, structured as a waterfall, is used for hiking, Camping, and backpacking. An amazing fact is that’s is accessible year round. Hikers must get permission from Havasupai Indian Reservation for this trail. The water is turquoise and to maintain its beauty; very few visitors are allowed to visit the reservation. There are enough campsites to facilitate 300 campers per night. Reservations are easily made through phone (928) 448-2121. The authorities begin taking reservations on February 1st of each year and sites book up very quickly. Anyone who wants to visit the trail can either choose hiking, helicopter traveling or horseback/mule.

Havasu Falls in Arizona

Bright Angel Trail to Bright Angel Campground and River Trail

This trail features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail is partly used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is best used from September until May.
The highest point is South Rim, 6,860 ft that is 2,090 m.
The lowest point is Colorado River, 2,480 ft that is 760 m.
Hikers can camp easily at Indian Garden Campground or if they wish then the Bright Angel Campground. At any site, they can stay all night with a permit that is supposed to be issued by the state’s Grand Canyon National Park (Backcountry Information Center).
Disadvantages of the bright angel trail that people can encounter include dehydration, sudden rainstorms, sudden flooding, loose footing, fully packed ice, rock fall, encounters with wildlife, and intense heat.

Grand Canyon National Park in sunshine

Fossil Springs Trail

This trail features a waterfall and is seen as difficult to climb. This amazing trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. It is seen as attractive due to trails for hiking and horseback riding, different rock formations, beautiful scenery, wildlife views, and lush area.
Hiking Time is 4 – 6 hours that’s a round trip.
It is located five miles west of Strawberry, Arizona. Access the waterfall from the creek-side access through Camp Verde.In the season of summer, the time of hike out can be extremely hot. The trail ends at the historic old dam.

Fossil springs trail in Arizona

Rim-to-Rim: North Kaibab to Grand Canyon Village

Rim-to-Rim, North Kaibab to Grand Canyon Village is a 21.6 mile congested trafficked point-to-point trail located near North Rim, Arizona that features a waterfall and is viewed as a difficult site. No permit is required. The backpacking trip requires 3 to 4 days. It can also go from north to south or south to north.

a girl sitting on a rock

Weaver’s Needle and Fremont Saddle via Peralta Canyon Trail

Weaver’s Needle and Fremont Saddle via Peralta Canyon Trail is a 7.7 mile very beautiful trail in Arizona that features gorgeous wildflowers. The trail offers a number of activities as options and is best used from September until May. This trail is obviously an amazing one for family backpacking experience for all the activities that are offered. All those activities can obviously make your trip turn to be an adventure of fun and help you make amazing memories with your family. We all love to train our dogs. The best part is that this trail can be used to train dogs as well. It is very friendly for training dogs. Playing a role in stories of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine, Weavers Needle is a 1,000-foot column of rock that protrudes impressively amazing view from the surrounding desert landscape.

Weaver's Needlein Arizona

So, your perfect Arizona backpacking guide also includes these important points which you must not forget to avoid being in any kind of a difficult situation. It is very important to go well prepared for any kind of backpacking experience, especially if you’re going with your family.

Take a lot of water.
• It’s compulsory to wear a hat and use sunscreen.
• Wear strong thick-soled shoes.
• Never head out alone and always let a responsible person know where you’re going and when you plan to be back.
• Do your packing early: Don’t wait until the night beforehand to load your pack.
• Read How to Pack and Hoist a Backpack for helpful loading tips.
• Do your pre-trip pack loading several days in advance, then weigh it to be sure you didn’t overdo it for a complete hiking checklist designed for hiking in Arizona’s desert climate.

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