backpacking: useful tips

Valuable backpacking tips.

Backpacking is an unusual kind of travel for most people. It is difficult to adapt to it immediately. But to make a journey more pleasant follow our tips.

  • Be sure to purchase travel insurance. It will allow you to receive assistance in medical institutions abroad without additional payment. Incidentally, the inability to pay for medical services in most countries is the reason for not getting out of a country.
  • Have copies of all documents and keep them always with yourself. What is more, it is a good idea to have also electronic copies.
  • Do not keep money in one place. Place them in different places, for example, a convenient place for credit cards is under the insole of shoes.
  • Take with yourself all the necessary medicines. There are countries where you cannot find even the most common drugs.
  • Do not go on a trip without having studied the information related to the travel routes and its backpacking: useful tips
  • Be sure to leave information about the route you plan to travel to relatives, acquaintances or friends. Moreover, give them some amount of money – it can be needed for transfer in case of robbing.backpacking: useful tips picture
  • Although saving money is one of the backpacking conditions, you should not save even on small things. Enjoy your trip and make it unforgettable.pict backpacking: useful tips


Contraindications for backpacking

Backpacking is rather peculiar kind of tourism, which requires good health, endurance and patience. Do not even think about it, if you have pain in your legs or problems with your back. It will be very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to walk long distances under different weather conditions.

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You should not change your style of life to a tempting desire to find freedom. It will be embarrassing for those, who are very accustomed to comfort and do not imagine life without SPA procedures. Do not forget that backpacking implie any surprises during a journey. You may have to sleep on uncomfortable beds, put up with lack of water and cheap hotels.

Also, you shouldn’t think of backpacking if you are always dissatisfied with something. Such trip can bring you only discomfort.



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