Interesting facts about backpacking

What is backpacking?

Nowadays, more and more people travel all over the world to tempt fate and challenge themselves. Who are these people with backpacks? Where do they go?

Backpacking is an independent journey made by a tourist for little money. Travelers, who freely travel around the world without baggage, are usually called backpackers. Basically, they refuse the services of travel agencies and tour operators.

What is backpacking?

The first backpackers were hippies and they appeared in America and Europe in the 60s of the 20th century. They travelled mainly to India and the countries of Southeast Asia. The goal of backpackers is the search for carefree and problem-free life.

The most important component of backpacking equipment is a backpack. It corresponds to the basic principles of backpacking: ease, mobility and convenience. You can easily walk many kilometers with your backpack. Another kind of travel bags for a free traveler is inconceivable.

Backpacking has no rules and no planning. The main thing is to choose a country, and decide how much money you are able to spend on such a journey. We advise you to use the Internet, as there are a lot of sites for backpackers. If you are a beginner, read reviews of experienced backpackers and listen to their advice. There you can even find a fellow traveler, if you need one.

Advantages of backpacking

Advantages of backpacking

It is clear that the hippies did not have lots of money. So, they wanted to make their trip less expensive. Therefore, the main advantage of backpacking is its cheapness: no luggage, no middlemen, minimum of expenses and maximum of countries to visit.

The availability of money and visa can be the only limit. What is more, such travelling is a great opportunity to become one of the locals for a while and learn their customs, improve the knowledge of a foreign language, and eventually find new friends!

The main feature of backpacking is absence of age and social restrictions. It can be students travelling during their summer holidays, or middle-aged people with expensive cameras. What does unite them? Perhaps, thirst for adventures.

What to take with you on a backpacking tour?

A backpack, of course. Take care of the overnight lodging. Take a tent or a sleeping bag. A standard set of backpackers is a hat, a pair of towels, toiletries, a knife, disposable tableware and a minimum of clothes and shoes. It is also worth paying attention to a guidebook, notebook, pen, flashlight, batteries and other small things that will not take up much space in a backpack. Your backpack should not weigh more than 25% of your own weight. Of course, you should also take the season and weather conditions of the country you are going to into consideration.

Security rules for a backpacker

Security rules for a backpacker

  1. Without an insurance policy, you have nothing to do abroad. There are different cases of injuries, and not every hospital will treat you for free. Choose the maximum monetary coverage of insured events in your country.
  2. Do not put money in your backpack. It is worth buying a special belt bag to store money, private papers (as well as their copies) and credit cards.
  3. Before going to any country, read information about its laws and customs, rules and regulations.
  4. While getting acquainted with new people, try not to discuss the topic of money and the availability of values that you have.

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