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What does it mean to go backpacking in Europe?

Backpacking is simply a form of low-cost and independent travel, which comprises transport by public means, cheap lodgings and interests in interacting with locals and sight-seeing. Backpacking in Europe encompasses the use of a backpack that can be carried with no much difficult for relatively long distances or long hours. In some situations, backpacking involves travels to neighboring countries while working from the country in which you are based in. Visa laws in Europe are especially helpful to backpacker since by just having the visas, they are able to work and support themselves in those nations.

Europe travel packing list

Backpacking Europe packing list is not exactly easy to come up with. You need to carefully consider what to carry and leave behind that which is not important for the journey. The actual bag to pack your belongings is also an important consideration. The main items that make up a perfect Europe backpacking list include:

1) Tops- white of grey t-shirts always look stylish both summer and winter. For women, 2 or 3 blouses and shirts will ensure their comfort and help break the monotony of t-shirts.
2) Bottoms- depending on the time of the year you are visiting Europe, you should have a mix of comfortable and fashionable trousers. Shorts are rarely used by Europeans.
3) Shoes- since shoes take a lot of space in the bag only carry two pairs; one should be your most comfortable shoes to wear during the day and a pair of flip-flops.
4) Accessories- such as watches, scarves and sunglasses.
5) Underwear and loungewear
6) Socks

Other essentials that you need to pack are travel documents, money, health products and toiletries.

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Where do I pack everything?

Due to the difficult of moving a wheeled suitcase in Europe’s cobblestones, the travel backpacks perform way much better. Backpacks are easier to carry around and they do not occupy much space in the car, train or planes. Additionally, you have the option of having them as carry-ons in the plane or you can choose to check them in. you should specifically aim for the spacious backpacks that have a lot of smaller pockets to accommodate your packing list. However, you must ensure that they are still comfortable to carry around since if you overload it, it may be rough to move around with. It is also advisable to choose a bag color that distinguishes yours among many.

Where should I go backpacking in Europe?

The choice of many would be to go across Europe, moving from one country to another. Due to different reasons, time and finances being among them, this is not possible. This does not mean that people don’t have a good time backpacking in different locations in Europe. Anyone looking forward to go backpacking in Europe can visit London, Paris, Dublin, Munich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Krakow, Barcelona, and Budapest. These are some of the greatest cities in Europe and offer various attractive additions such as hostels, food and drinks among many others. Another advantage is that it is most likely that there will be many other people backpacking in these cities and thus one might get a good company along the way.

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How much does it cost to backpack in Europe?

Backpacking across Europe is a dream to many. People cannot help think of how fun it would be to backpack in Europe where there is likely to be many other people from all walks of life backpacking. With the desire of backpacking in Europe growing stronger by the day, many people begin to budget arriving at rough estimates of how much they think it would cost. The first thing that people need to appreciate is the fact that different cities charge differently for backpacking. What is common, however, is the pre-trip expenses. What one must cater for include passport expenses for a minimum of $200, travel backpack ranging from $85-$300, travel accessories for $100, travel insurance roughly $45 a week, and finally airfare which will vary from location to location.

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Tips for backpacking through Europe

There are always better ways of doing things. Going for backpacking for the first time brings different memories from going to for backpacking for the second time. For the second time, one is exposed already to the difficulties involved in backpacking. People who have made backpacking are, therefore, in a position to advice beginners on what to expect and what to do before they begin backpacking. Some of the tips from veterans include:

1. Always pack light. The notion that the heavier the better does not apply in backpacking.
2. Camp out if possible. The experience gained from camping out is enormous and worth the while. People should and must camp outside whenever possible.
3. Getting a hostel with a kitchen brings with it tons of advantages. With a kitchen, one can cook whatever it is that they love and thus ensue that their trip is enjoyable.
4. It is advisable that people bring along their own snacks. Because of the fatigue and limited time, snacks are a great addition. Snacking on something familiar is more enjoyable.
5. Pickpockets and Scam artists are always on the lookout. They are gifted in identify non-locals and vulnerable people. It is thus advisable that people be on the look-out to avoid disappointments.

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