Colorado Backpacking Trails

Colorado is one of the beautiful places where hikers go throughout the years. It is among the dazzling places of worlds where there are places to hike. This is just the right place where you can spend your vacation with either family or friends. However, Summer is the time when people mostly come to hike and enjoy the weather and beauty in Colorado. Though do not worry about the crowd, it is a huge place and can take in many people to enjoy. You can also have a place where you are only alone with friends. We’re sure you’re looking forward to experiencing the best backpacking in Colorado.

Backpacking is a hobby and passion many people enjoy. It is actually a beautiful thing as people enjoy starts shining at night. They enjoy the night sight of the moon giving its light. It is important for you to have all the requirements when you go for backpacking. You must keep with you a compass, extra clothing materials, pieces of cloth, a map, sunglasses, a tent, sunscreen( be safe from getting tanned), you must know how to use a map, medicines to kill insects, fire starter and a hat too. Do not forget to take water and food with you. You must be physically and internally fit to go around and enjoy your trip. Find people to join you so that you could have more Fun and can explore with people you enjoy. Check your car and take a proper car with you! I hope you would not enjoy crying over the spilled milk.

Best Backpacking Spots in Colorado

1. Colorado trail
It is a place with 28 different segments and various points to check-in. Backpackers will have a lot of fun hiking here for 486 miles. The trails run from Metro to Durango. If you are really willing to explore around you will need at least 4-6 weeks of hiking in this beautiful and breathtaking place and environment. The average elevation is of 10,300 feet, that’s just an idea actually to tell you how much you have to go. The best time for backpackers to come and enjoy here is during summers to get out of this danger of snow. That is from June to September. Though, you will still find soft silky snow there on the peak of the mountains. How nice it would be to enjoy such beautiful scenery and the environment.

people sitting on rocks and looking at mountains

2. Continental divide trail for backpackers
It has been named this because you move from north to south or south to north here. You have the freedom to choose north or south. You get to climb Colorado’s highest peaks over here. It covers a total of 3100 miles, passing 5 different states. If you travel 17 miles per day, it will take around 5 months for you to completely hike around. It is one of the beautiful spots to move around. You can also see a lot of historical ruins up there to enjoy a little more.

Continental divide trail in Collorado

3. Chicago Basin
This is called the backpacking train because it allows you to backpack from trains. Most of the hikers camp in the basin. The way to flag the train when you wave your hands horizontally across your knees. When you are flagging the train in either direction, make sure you to be on the east side of the tracks.’ It offers access to 3 areas.

Chicago Basin in Colorado

4. Maroon bells four pass loop
It is the shortest backpacking trail. It is a 28 miles trip with 8,000 of elevation. There is also special parking allocated for overnight backpackers. Usually, the backpackers take 3 or 4 days to complete their trip of the 28 miles around the maroon lake. The preferred time is during the Summer season starting from late June to the early time of September. You have a choice of choosing a direction here because it is a four loop spot.
(not restricted to a certain direction).

Maroon Bells in Colorado

5. Lost Creek Wilderness
It is a high elevation place. It seems like a desert; a semi-alpine one. The best way is to come for a couple of days so you could really see the imaginary sight of this place. It has a total length of 34 miles. You can go around and see different types of meadows which are colorful here. You also get to see the view of the mosquito range here. Here you have a choice to decide whether to enjoy during night or day. This place has its own fun during day or night.

Lost Creek Wildernessin Colorado

6. Devil’s thumb to king lake loop
It is a beautiful place where you once go and never want to leave. You can see the view of Indian peaks from here and enjoy the time. This is one exciting spot that you’ll regret the most if you missed.
Do not miss such an exciting tour to here otherwise; you are going to miss a lot from your life. Few moments of life are memorable and engrave them in your hearts with your friends.

Devil’s thumb in Colorado

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