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Best backpacking trips for beginners.

In our age of the Internet, technology and accessible information, the opportunity to organize a trip to any point of the globe does not seem fantastic. A lot of people have discovered limitless opportunities of independent travel and will never exchange them for tours from agencies. In this article we will talk about locations for the best backpacking trips for beginners.

New Zealand

Travelers can walk in the rainforests, among the mountain peaks of the Southern Alps or the glaciers of the South Island. You’ll get to know the incredibly friendly and chatty New Zealanders who are happy to welcome foreigners who have traveled a long way to see their country.


If you are looking for directions of backpacking trips Norway is one of the best options for beginners. The minimum program includes traveling along the western and northern coasts on the Hurtigruten ferry with stops in small port villages, enjoying the breathtaking sights of fjords in the Bergen and Stavanger areas, as well as a visit to the Vigeland sculpture park in Oslo.


The fact that many businessmen and large companies prefer to keep their money in Swiss banks testifies that it is really safe country. Armed with a pair of comfortable shoes and Swiss Rail Pass (used for trains, trams, ferries) you may begin to get acquainted with Switzerland from Zurich that seems to be created for hiking. Then proceed to the shores of Lake Geneva where you will find bistro, night life, Montreux and Lausanne museums. Also do not forget to visit the Italian-speaking Ticino in southern Switzerland.

Costa Rica

Residents of Costa Rica are the happiest people in the world. Every day they may enjoy crystal clear rivers, evergreen reserves and national parks with rich flora and fauna, the Pacific coast with one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. This is a suitable place to carry out the best backpacking trips for beginners.

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It’s difficult to get lost in a small and friendly Austrian capital even if you do not have a navigator, travel guide or a pocket card from the hotel. All you need is to go from one concert hall to another, visit museums and art galleries, stop at pleasant cafes.


Chileans are good-natured and friendly people who are glad to make friends with brave travelers ready to explore their homeland. Go north to the Atacama Desert or south to the Chiloe Island. Visit the magical land of Patagonia. Backpacking trips for beginners in Chile – the best way to get bright emotions.


In Japan, there is everything that backpacking fans may need: cheap hotels and sushi bars, vending machines with drinks, sandwiches and tickets for all kinds of transport. This allows tourists to freely care about themselves without any help and feel perfectly harmonious.

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Beginners easily navigate through Stockholm located on 14 islands and surrounded by water from all sides. You can rent a boat and see the Swedish capital from it, ride a bike in the city parks, spend time in cozy cafes and cute shops with a stylish design.

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