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Backpacking has always been a favorite pastime. I mean, a vacation to any dreamland of yours is what we all want at one time or the other. As backpackers, we want the best gains for our money. Any sane person will always want the best value for his efforts. But it is not new that some people pay the most for their backpacking, from their tickets, bookings, miscellaneous expenses, purchases, and still end up backpacking in a place that they would keep feeling that they could have ended somewhere better. Put into consideration the fact that you do not get the opportunity to backpack every day in a year and this makes it the more reason why you should make the most of it whenever you do.

Top Budget Backpacking Destinations of 2019

1. Fiji

When in amazing Fiji, say ‘bula’, not ‘hello’! Fiji is located in the stunning south pacific and contains 330 islands or so. As fairy as that sounds or appears, it is absolute reality. If you are a big fan of Instagram, be ready to go popular! The picturesque landscapes and dreamy beaches and sure to earn you a million hearts and smiles. What’s more? The indigenes of Fiji are the most hospitable hosts that have been recorded, and your backpacking duration in Fiji will definitely be the best holiday you will have ever had. We haven’t mentioned the heartwarming and incredibly tasty local seafood and at the same time, swim in transparent waters. Fiji is your Adam and Eve’s haven on earth.

Fiji beach

2. Indonesia

Delicious cuisines; brilliant indigo dyed oceans; numerous volcanic smoking islands; crystal white sand beaches. There, Indonesia! This sunny paradise is a dream for multitude of backpacking lovers. All over the world, there are enthusiasts who want to take part in the sun-soaking competition on the hot beach, hop on the islands and chase the ever evading waterfalls. Really, with its perfectly photogenic landscapes, Indonesia provides the best for the best backpackers.

stone figures in Indonesia

3. Jordan

Magic, enchantment as its simple peak. This is Jordan. If you are seeking for rediscover of your soul and a sojourn of self-actualization, Jordan is your next call. Jordan redesigns your soul. It is one of those few places in the world that changes your perception of the world. Once you go to Jordan, you begin to notice such little beautiful things that you would not pay attention normally. But is that all this sparkly country promises? Of course not. If you have been an admirer of the nomadic way of living, then you have the Bedouin to ease you into the fold. They are after all the first set of travellers on earth with their customary horseback riding in the ancient city of Petra. The Wadi Rum desert is also there for backpackers with interest in the seething hotness of the sands. Jordan is never the one-wonder place. Your jaws keep popping as you merry around, from Amman, the sizzling capital, to the mud bathing in the dead sea. Disregard whatever you’ve watched on Television or heard from others, Jordan will exceed your expectation. It’s like the famous saying, ‘although you know what’s coming, you’ll never be fully prepared for it.

temple in mountain in Jordan

4. South Africa

This African country has been somewhere on the radar for some time but it’s never fully blown. Many backpackers with an insatiable curiosity for the wild life in Africa will have no better destination to visit. This sunny country is bound to keep you spellbound as you weave through its amazements. The locals have very rich and bright cultures, salivating meals and crazy, mind-boggling lifestyles. But that’s not all. The jungle is waiting for you. The Kruger National Park is no doubt going to be the ultimate experience for adventurous backpackers. This Southern wonder is a blend of Brazil, France and Colombia. You are sure to get the craziest time of your life there and, do pray that you don’t get caught up in the crazy rush for diamonds. However, go with your caution and tanning lotion!

South Africa beach

5. Egypt

Here come the mummies and the pharaohs, proudly strutting with their majestic fans swaying after them. The people are chanting, the trumpet is hailing, and beautiful women are laughing loudly. You are hyperventilating, welcome to Africa again, this time, Egypt. Every backpacker with a keen eye (or just an eye) for history has no other destination to go at a cheaper price. The ancient country provides you with the deepest and richest history you’ll ever find on earth. Yes, on the whole-wide-world! It is no coincidence that the body of the Biblical pharaoh (you read that right, it is the pharaoh of Moses) is still for viewing in their famous and outstanding museum. But Egypt offers more than history. The Nile is splashing wildly as it awaits your visit. The Lost City promises adventure you cannot find anywhere else. What do you say to a dive into the mysteriously dark ocean waters? Are you one for adventure, just pack your bags already. Egypt beckons.

Egypt pyramids

There, you have the 5 cheapest destinations to visit in 2019. Take note that the arrangement is not done in an ascending or descending order. It is merely for numbering. Every backpacker will find his dream destination, and they all come cheaply.

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