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Life begins at the end of the comfort zone where you find yourself with some adventures. An adventurous life is not taken by everyone but the one who is keen to know on the other side of life. Black Forest mountain range is one of the best places to visit in Germany. Black forest is located in sunny southwest and its dimensions are 60km from east to west in South and 25km in the North. Feldberg is its highest mountain with a height of almost 1,493m.

Black forest is called as black forest due to its best walks in the black forest and lush green forest that covered then 60% of the total land and crisscrossed by well-marked hiking trails. Eye-catching points are forests, rivers, creeks, ruined castles, cuckoo clocks, and half-timbered houses, lovely valleys glacial and artificial lakes inviting the water sports.

Best Walks In The Black Forest


This is the base of exploring the black forests, most fashionable spa towns. If anyone wants to get out of the hustle and bustle of a busy life, then this place suits perfectly to stay for maximum indulging. It is located in the rolling hills of the northern part, while a modern area is now has been filled with striking Belle Époque-era architectures and old-world luxury. Baden-Baden civilians are kind-hearted and open-hearted, they enjoy cultural events, art exhibition throughout the year. Curative waters of the thermal baths built in 1810 have their own cherish along with the heavily wooded Black Forest National Park.

houses in the Black Forest

Bad Wildbad

Bad Wildbad is another famous spa town and a cheaper option for the home-base in the north of the forest. Its paths are so much distracted from traffic that it looks like a part from or an isolated from the busy world. This spot is enriched with pine trees, the gorge of the Enz river, thermal baths whose temperature remains round about 95 degrees and finally a picturesque village. It’s the most fascinating lake is idyllic Wildsee that is although small but outside of the town center.


This is a peaceful mountain resort that consists of nine villages with the recent participation of fascinating hotels, motels, restaurants and breakfast points serving a different type of dishes and this thing has kept the Baiersbronn at the top of the searching map. There are different spots for incredible and lavishing dining. Whenever get a chance to walk through these paths, don’t miss a chance of enjoying nature or taking the areas golf’s courses.

houses of Baiersbronn


It is the best site from which Northern areas of the Black Forest can be explored and this area is known as a university town. It is famous for its natural beauty, cheerful towns, twisting cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses, and forest’s wooded slopes. University Students has given the town a lively and wonderful life. not only students but others can also enjoy the sights and scenes along the bank of the river. Freiburg is the warmest city of Germany due to the high level of sunshine. That’s why it’s the best source of solar energy. Hike through woods or ride through cable car is the best option to lookout the views and scenes of the tower.

Freiburg, Black Forest

Titisee Lake

This is the lake covered with glaciers set in the southern region of the Black Forest. Lake is 2km long and 1km wide and this is the longest natural lake in the Black Forest. Travelers enjoy the weather and lake water by swimming in summer, sail boating and through windsurf. In winter the lake totally freezes over to allow others to do skating on it. a lake is surrounded by beautiful scenes and places. It enroots a trail of 8km around the lake lead towards the Hochfirst Mountain.

houses at Titisee Lake

Triberg Falls

Highest waterfall of Germany falls down a mountain slope into the valley of Triberg. Its height is almost 535 foot. Gutach River forms this lake and situated at the starting of the Kinzig and Gutach valleys. Lake scenes can be viewed from the bottom and the top as well. Falls looks pleasant after the heavy rain or when the snow melts. It creates or generates a sweet melody that sounds good to ears or a person feels better spiritually.

Triberg Falls in the Black Forest

Basische Weinstrasse

It has short walks in the black forest whose route length is 160km situated in the foothills of the Black Forest. Travelers can easily drive their vehicles from Baden-Baden to Freiburg with some alternative routes. They can pass through peaceful vineyards and historical castles and buildings instead of traveling via motorway. This area is interesting and particular for those who take interest in sampling and buying fine wines.

Basische Weinstrasse in summer


It is located at the north side of the Black Forest and known as one of the prettiest town’s forest. A famous novelist who has written many books, who won a Nobel Prize, Hermann Hesse was born in Calw. Town dedicated a statue t the author and books placed in their museum.

One can find the best start of his/her journey from the picturesque market. Claw’s square is the best descriptive picture of the typical Black Forest town. The country has promoted tourism by opening ice-parlors, bistros, shops, restaurants and hotels and other things of traveler interest.

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