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The world is like a book and those who don’t get an opportunity of backpacking around the USA; they just only read the first page of the book without getting into the depth. It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. A good traveler has no fixed plans; they all start their journey without planning and find their inner beauty on their way. It’s a time to meet with their own views, find calm, explore the world, to be naughty and feel fresh. It is you who only can make his/her trip worthy, don’t make plans on pencil and mind, just be a man of action to travel to live a life of your own pleasure. Not everyone has an opportunity of backpacking vacations in USA, so whenever someone meets a chance, just embrace it. Traveling opens our mind and sharpens our character with streams of knowledge. Don’t enclose your personality inside a bubble, just get outside of it because real life journey starts at the end of your comfort zone.

Most Epic Backpacking Destinations in USA National Park System

Wonderland and Trail – Mount Rainier National Park

Wonderland and trail located in Washington State at the distance of 93 miles, take a time of 10-14 days to hike and total required expenditures are about $22. It is known for the wild plant that blooms in summer. The top of the mountain assembles at 14,410 feet and is enclosed by alpine lakes and mountain trails. Its length is 93 miles long, and all the paths go along the mountain. It’s a mountain with a hard-hitting hike with large elevation. The trail is covered with 18 camps, and if you want to go through hiking, then at least one camp is required. Someone shouldn’t miss the adventure of the snow-covered peaks, alpine lakes full of the sheer beauty.

lake in Mount Rainier National Park

Rim to Rim – Grand Canyon National Park

It is situated in Arizona at the distance of 24 miles, take 2 days’ time to hike on and required a permit is about $30. It is a 4,926-kilometer square. The canyon has been discovered onto the Earth by Colorado River over millions of years. Colorado River runs on its way and goes long about 227 miles. According to the 2017 survey, it is estimated that 6.5 million people visited that place and only 1% of the people were able to hike the mountains. The rim to rim hike starts from the North Kaibab trail. After hiking the 14.3 miles down the 6000 feet, you can continue to hike more or can take rest. The people who love to travel and hike, this place proves best.

river in Grand Canyon National Park

John Muir Trail – Sequoia, King Canyon, and Yosemite National Parks

This place is situated in California at the distance of 201.4 miles and takes 3-week time duration to hike on, and the required permit is $5. The John Muir Trail crosses through 3 National Parks.

bridge in Yosemite National Parks

Teton Crest Trail –Grand Teton National Park

Its location is Wyoming at the distance of 45 miles, requires the time of 2-5 days for hiking, 45$ in case of advance exposures and 35$ through the walk. The Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming is 1,300 kilometers square. It consists of various iconic and eye-catching landmarks. Park is surrounded by enormous mountains, and it also lies under the covered areas of Jackson’s Hole.

a moose in Grand Teton National Park

Kalalau Trail – Hawaii U.S.

Its length is 22 miles and takes 2-3 day in traveling for exploring this place. Its difficulty level is not so strenuous and can be travel year-around. It travels along the cost of the island of Kauai. It’s a starting point is simple to travel on where hackers can often travel just for two miles only. Then a hard and rocky part begins, and most of the streams pass over through lush valleys and along the narrow rocks. The struggles resemble a dream, a fantastic and incongruous land which not usually happen in daily life routine.

beach of Kalalau Valley

Greenstone Ridge Trail – Isle Royale National Park

Michigan is its root country at the distance of 42 miles, require 3-5 days for hiking, and the required expenditure is almost $7. It is an island best sits in the Northwest section of lakes. Isle Royale National Park covers the main island along with 450 smaller islands. Its length is 45 miles, and the width is 9 miles summing up with the total area of the 535.43-kilometer square. It is surrounded by thick forest and vegetation all over the island. This place suits best for those who are mad to see greenery and forest along with some vegetating trees. This is the least visited place at National Park due to its robustness and remoteness.

nature of Isle Royale National Park

Appalachian Trail

To explore the world’s longest continuously marked footpath located in Appalachian, Easter United states don’t require a 6-month vacation. It is marked as hiking trail extending between Georgia and Maine. It is a 2,200-mile-long trail which goes through 14 states. Passengers pack a compact tent there as the trail lean-to shelters fill up quickly. More than 2million people have seen that do hike on the part of trails once a year. People got a chance to see the largest animal American black bear along the Appalachian Trail. It varies in plant life.

mountains of Appalachian

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