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People who seek for adventure believe that Europe is a paradise for the lovers of hiking and I’d say it’s true. The experience itself is remarkable climbing the rocky terrain and enjoying the beautiful scenery. If you are looking for the best backpacking trails in Europe, you’re at the right place!

With many mountains to emerald green fields, coastal lines, historical sites, and snow-capped peaks and several other top treks, Below are the best hikes of Europe we have set out for the ones who are planning to go for a hike this year and if not then it will surely leave you itching your feet. We all know that we can find in Europe hiking backpacking trails that are unmatchable!

Top Hiking Backpacking Trails in Europe

1. Caucasus Mountain, Georgia
The Caucasus Mountains lie between the black and Caspian seas in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. These mountains are said to be the one that is less affected by the human impact. This place offers some delightful snow-capped mountains and dominant skylines. The Caucasus is mostly a mountainous region. These mountains exist in Georgia. The interesting fact about these mountains is that these mountains are considered as the dividing line between Asia and Europe. It takes around five days to hike at the Caucasus Mountains.

Caucasus Mountain in Georgia

2. Flush Route, Spain
Spain is full of stunning natural sightings and history. The coastline between Deba and Zumaia is 8kms long. The Flysh route offers a stellar scenery of natural rocks that were created by the wonders of nature and climate change. An interesting fact about this beautiful landscape is that a very famous series knows as game of thrones filmed a lot of scenes here. Make sure to have this place in your list if you are a geological enthusiast.

3. Fairy pools in the Isle of Skye
Fairy pools name sounds pretty interesting, right? Well with such a pretty name the place has some amazing scenes to offer too. At the foot of the black Cuillins near Glenbrittle are the fairy pools. They are rock pools of crystal clear spring water which flows from the Cuillin Mountains. The distance to the first main waterfall is 2.4 km and it takes around one hour to reach. It’s short in length but surely worth it.

view of fairy pools in the Isle of Skye

4. Dolomite high route, Italy
Nevertheless, there are some places that are especially fascinating. Moreover, the best walks of Italy the Dolomites could not be left out in the best Backpacking trails in Europe. Dolomite high route is among those mountains that are highly admired in Europe. This place conceals 50 million years of history. If you ever travel to Basque and yearn an admirable journey to the spectacular areas of cliffs, Travel Guipuzcoa (a province). The most popular yet impressive peaks of Dolomite is Monte Santa Croce, Civetta, and Monte Pelmo. The tour is simple means you will reach there without any difficulty, but still, you are advised to bring adequate stuff with you to walk 6 hours to the cliffs.

Dolomite high route in Italy

5. Degli Abati, Italy
Degli Abati is 120 km trail across the Emilia Romagna Apennines, but the terrifying part is that this place is wild, so if you aren’t brave enough then fellas this is place isn’t for you. However, for the ones who hike to such places with zest then mark this place as the next destination. This place is away from crowds, and very few brake people hike every year here. Since the 17th century, it was the shortest route that connected Pavia to Lucca. It’s a silence path yet a spiritual journey which helps you find yourself.

6. Tour Du Mont Blanc, France/Italy/Switzerland
Tour Du Mont Blanc is the most iconic and highest peak. These mountain ranges offer the best and enchanting views of this iconic peak from three different countries along the way. This place is for the hikers who seek challenges throughout the journey. TMB is 170kms long and is usually trekked in 10-12 days. One of the most attracting and appealing characteristics of TMB is how accessible and well-marked the trail is. There are some points where a hiker can get on or off from the path that makes it easier for them. TMB is one of the topmost Mountain Ranges for backpacking trails in Europe.

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7. Laugavegur, Iceland
Laugavegur offers some major places to hike and is the most famous hiking trail among the hikers. Laugavegur includes lava fields, glaciers and natural hot springs that remains the center of attention of hikers here. Natural Geographic channel has described this place as one of the most beautiful European Trails. It is located in the southern highlands of Iceland. The average time to traverse the 55kms long trail is 3-5 days.

Laugavegur in Iceland

If you are a hiking enthusiast and enjoy the enchanting sights and the wonders of nature, then these places above are the best and favorite hiking trails in Europe, which offers the Majestic peaks touching the skies, Beautiful Waterfalls, mesmerizing landscapes and extreme variations in scenery in one place.

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