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This is the first time you’re backpacking. You have read and heard of it a lot and it is finally time for you to try it out. Maybe you have just got the chance or you’ve just chosen now, it’s fine. But the problem now is that you cannot figure out the necessary gears you need due to you lack of experience. Many people who you have spoken with have not been very helpful, they have had diverse opinions and at the same time, have not given you just what you feel you need. You have read on blogs but all you have seen are technical terms with little or no simple explanation, maybe you even understand some bits but you feel you need to know more so as not to end your first backpacking experience on a tragic or unsatisfactory note. If you are this, you have come to the safest haven.

Buying your backpacking gear as a first timer can be tedious and also costly. You don’t know what you want precisely and salesmen are only too pleased to feed on your inexperience. This article has been written solely with you in mind. We have helped to identify your backpacking gear as a beginner. And want to know what’s better? We did not merely mention your beginner gear in the simplest of terms, we also recommend tested and trusted models and brands you can buy at the most affordable prices.

What Is The Ultra Ultimate Backpacking Gear You Need As A Beginner?

The gears for your backpacking as a beginner are:

1. Backpack

Backpacks, of course. For your first backpacking experience, we readily suggest a small, minimal-sized backpack. Selecting a small backpack will cost you lesser than big backpacks and apart from that, a small backpack will impress on you the importance of packing properly and minimally. A small backpack will also ease your back as you go on your adventures.

Recommended: The Granite Gear Lutsen backpack, size 45.

Price: $200.

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2. Sleeping Bag

This is an obvious call but it can be pretty confusing and cumbersome to buy. These bags are classed into down fill and synthetic. Before buying, you must make proper considerations. You have to consider bags that are suitable for general use. We suggest the synthetic class as it ticks these boxes. Also, they are usually cheaper and stay warm when wet which is likely due to your inexperience.

Recommended: The North Face Cat Meow, size 4.

Price: $170 – $200

3. Tent

It is compulsory on your backpacking that you will need a base to camp on. You are not expected to spread your sleeping bag in the middle of nowhere with no shelter above you. This is where your tent comes in. As a beginner, you must choose tents that are cheap, light and easy to set up.

Recommended: REI half dome 2 tent

Price: $200

REI half dome 2 tent on the ground

4. Stove

Now, this gear cannot be avoided. You need your stove to remain alive there in the fold or jungle. Without it, how do you cook? Your choices here must be made on size, weight and its adaptation to unfavorable weathers, like the freezing climate of Iceland. Don’t forget to pack the suitable fuel for your stove too.

Recommended: Compact Jetboil Stove

Price: $50

5. Water Treatment

Out there in the wild, you are subjected to different sources of water. None of these sources can be deemed suitable enough for use however because even the purest looking source can contain particles that make the water unhealth. This explains the need for a water treater, because to be sincere, no matter the quantity of water you leave home with, you run out of it faster than you know.

Recommended: Plapytus GravityWorks Filter

Price: $80 – $110

6. Medical Kit

This gear cannot be overlooked. After all, first aid kids have been lifesavers when it mattered most. While on your activities, you are prone to injuries and bites and a medical kit always come in handy. We are not asking that you carry the heaviest medical kit but a first aid box with aspirin, scissors and spirit won’t hurt. The light, portable and water-tight kit is your safest bet.

Recommended: Adventure Medical Kit, Ultralight and Water-tight First Aid Kit

Price: $20 – $30

Adventure Medical Kit

7. Tough Footwear

Apparently, this play a very important role in packbacking. Shoes cannot be ignored when it is tough footwear. You tend to run, climb trees, hunt games on your backpacking. You don’t expect to wear sandals for those activities. The features to look out for are size, price, versatility, water resistance ability and toughness.

Recommended: Oboz Bridger B-dry Hiking Boots

Price: $25 – $30

8. Headlight

It is hard to disagree with the inclusion of this gear. As a beginner, you are likely to get into dark spots in your backpacking adventure and even, you’re going into the wild. The moon may not light up every night. The decision here should consider convenience, size, weight, durability and water-tight attribute.

Recommended: Black Diamond Spot

Price: $30 – $45

a couple with headlights

9. Music

Many might argue to this inclusion but we are not only helping you pack necessities, we are helping you pack conveniences. Music in the wild can provide escape after the adventurous day. It can even make dancing one of your adventures. Players should be waterproof, portable and durable.

Recommended: EcoXgear Speaker

Price: $30

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