Backpacking Thailand.  Why choose Thailand?

Tourists all over the world dream about visiting Thailand. The nature of Thailand is unimaginably unusual, bright and varied; it impresses the travelers and naturalists from all over the world.

We want to warn those who want to book an ‘all inclusive’ travel package: such packages are expensive and far from being perfect.

In our review, we will tell how to plan a backpacking journey to Thailand; your journey will be ten times more interesting than a standard travel package.

Thailand rice

The three routes that we recommend to those who plan a backpacking trip to Thailand

#1: for those who visits Thailand for the first time.

Visit Bangkok (2 days), then Phuket.  Then we recommend you to go from Phuket to Phi Phi for one day. Not to feel frustrated and not to return home right away after such a short trip on your way back we advise you to stay for a night or two in Bangkok.

Chao Phraya

# 2: for young people

Bangkok (2 days), then Samui, Koh Phangan, Tao. On the way back again we advise you a night in Bangkok. Samui and Koh Phangan are wonderful youth resorts with nightlife till dawn. One can also go to Tao to try diving or snorkeling. Koh Tao has minimum tourist infrastructure, but unique unspoilt nature and the sea.

Samui and Koh Phangan

# 3: high profile

Staying in Bangkok for 2- 3 days, then going to Phuket. Then one can move to Phi Phi for several days or to go to Krabi resort. There is nightlife on Phuket, but compared with Samui it is certainly for elderly people.  Our standard offer would be again spending a night or two in Bangkok at a good hotel on your way back. The second variant of a high profile vacation is spending all the time in terrific SPAs on Samui.


Hiking in Thailand

Hiking in tropical Thai jungles is a chance to connect with local nature and to see some exotic animals.

The majority of hikes are organized to Thai national parks, that are protected environmental zones and preserved absolute purity of nature and bright variety

of the inhabitants of the jungles.

Thai national parks

A hike in Thailand can be on foot with overnight stops in tents. It can also be a horseback journey or an elephant ride.  Rafting, rock climbing   and various shows with animals of prey and poisonous snakes are often included in the program of hikes.

We do not recommend you to go to the jungles without a trained guide. The guide will show you the most unusual, remarkable and hard-to-reach places and will take care of your safety.



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