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Backpacking Italy. Budget holidays in a beautiful country

How to save money during a trip to Italy? You should plan your trip in advance. As a rule, the biggest travel expense is tickets, so pay a special attention to it. Look for discounts, consider low-cost airlines. When scheduling a visit to interesting places in Italy, be sure to check the time of work of those places. Do not try to see everything at once! With an overloaded schedule, you will not feel the real atmosphere of Italy!

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Tips for backpackers

The high season in Italy begins in May and lasts almost until the end of September. If you arrive at this time without planning anything in advance, then you can just go broke. The prices for accommodation rise and beaches are full of tourists.

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The cheapest prices for hotels in Italy are in the period from November to March. Popular bed & breakfast accommodation is the cheapest, but usually it is located outside the city, in a quiet place. In Italy, there are days of open doors in museums, when you do not pay anything for the entrance. But it is simply impossible to guess when such days take place. Nevertheless, you can save nerves by buying tickets on-line, avoiding the queue at the cash register, and then the queue at entry. In most major museums, there is a priority line for tickets purchased online. To sum up, you can really save money, paying for a guided tour or buying a ticket in advance.

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Do not plan your journey in detail. It is better to determine the main points of the trip (for example, cities or beaches). This form of traveling will provide you with more freedom of action that will give you more impression and positive emotions.

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Remember that tourists are shown only certain places, and to find out interesting details about the country, you need to get acquainted with the daily life of the local population. So, you will get much more fun from traveling.

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