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Independent travel. Backpacking across Europe

The main purpose of backpackers is the search for a reasonable and independent way to make a journey. Not only in various countries, but also in various cities backpackers can spend different amount of money. And the most attractive destinations will be the most expensive.

Let’s take a closer look at 10 cities, where travelers can save their budget. The most affordable cities in Europe for independent tourism are provided below.

Top 10 cities in Europe for backpackers

  1. Zagreb

There are a lot of parks, museums, galleries, monasteries and cathedrals in the Croatian capital. Museum of broken relationships stands out among a huge number of different attractions. A day in Zagreb will cost you $33.


  1. Warsaw

The Polish capital was destroyed during the World War II and reconstructed in the Soviet era. A day in this city in Poland will cost rather affordable price – $32.


  1. Český Krumlov

This is one of the main medieval sights of the Czech Republic. Rates for food, drinks and accommodation in the city are quite acceptable. A day in this ancient Czech town will cost you $31.

Czech Republic

  1. Kiev.

The Ukrainian capital is famous for its historical and cultural resources. Kiev is considered one of the most buried in verdure capitals in Europe. Here you can spend $30 a day.


  1. Sarajevo

The sights of Sarajevo are concentrated in its old city. There are many medieval Ottoman buildings: mosques, inns, madrassas and noble mansions. Old Bazaar and Muslim Quarter can be distinguished among other sights. One day in Sarajevo will cost tourists about $30.


  1. Budapest

The most significant city of Hungary attracts tourists with its remarkable sights, night markets and nightlife. Backpackers should look for lodging away from the center. Tourists will spend about $27 in the Hungarian capital for one day.


  1. Belgrade

Hospitable Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is one of the oldest cities in Europe. This city cannot boast a great number of attractions, but it is famous for a vibrant nightlife and amazing landscapes, as well as affordable prices. A day in Belgrade will cost you $27.


  1. Bucharest

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is known for its wide shady boulevards, beautiful palaces and the reputation of secular life. You will spend $26 for a day.


  1. Krakow.

Many tourists consider Krakow the most interesting destination in Poland. Inexpensive restaurants, cheap accommodations and bars attract travelers. You can spend $25 for one day.


  1. Sofia

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and the prices here will really surprise tourists. Here reigns an atmosphere of peace and calmness. Reasonable prices for transport, housing, food and entertainment are about $25 per day.


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