Ronda is a town located in an extraordinary spot. It is a town on the top of 100 meters gorge. The gorge is known as El Tajo gorge and it splits the town into two. The two towns located on either side of the gorge are connected with a bridge. Crossing from one town to the other is not hard. One area is older than the other. El Mercadillo, located on one side of the gorge is the newest. La Ciudad is the oldest and it is the town used by the residents from the two sides of the gorge.

Someone might wonder what Ronda Spain is famous for. By now you should be having an idea to that. The breath-taking location of the town. How can you find a town on the top of a gorge? Is that not enough to make it famous? You will be surprised to know some of the interesting facts about Ronda. One is that the mountains around Ronda acted as a hide-out in the 19th century. Bandits used this location because of its obscuring features. The mountains are full of trees and terrains. The bandits were not easily traced in these mountains.

Another fact is that Ronda is the birthplace of today’s’ bullfighting. Traditionally, bullfighting was done from a horse. Pedro Romero, a bullfighter broke this tradition. He was the first person to come on a face to face bullfight without using a horse. The norm has spread and many countries have adopted it. Orson Welles’ ashes were scattered in Ronda. He was a famous American actor and director. His love for this place could not be separated not by death. This is why his ashes were brought here after he died.

Things to Do in Ronda Spain

A Tour at the Puente Nuevo

This is the “new” bridge that links the old town to the new town. This bridge took forty years to construct and approximately 50 workers died in the process. That is an interesting fact about Ronda worth knowing. A bridge taking forty years to construct must be a unique one. With human life lost in the process, the bridge had to give its all. The bridge has a very strong foundation that stands on the 100 meters gorge. It has a traditional vintage and complements the features of the gorge. It is not famous only in Ronda. The whole of Spain knows about the bridge. Now, you are among the few from other countries to know about it.

A Visit to the Bullring

This is the place that gave birth to the modern style of bullfighting. Plaza de Toros, the bullring, was built in the 18 century. It is still standing and can hold up to 5000 people. There is a museum in the building and exhibits more on bullfighting history. There is a lot to learn about bullfighting and the legends of bullfighting.

A Walk Down the El Tajo

You have seen the geographic and breathtaking views from the top of the gorge. The world underneath can be explored. On either side of the gorge, paths leading to the foot of the valley are accessible. Take a walk down the canyon to the foot of the Ronda town. Looking up, you will see how high the town stands. It feels like you are in a different world. The feeling and views are worth the walk.

Trying the Delicacies in the Town

After that walk down to the foot of El Tajo, you need something to eat. Are you going to order the food you are used to? Of course not. You are in a new place and you should be looking into trying their food. Tasting their food should be part of the things to do in Ronda Spain. Eat and drink with the locals. Everyone is friendly and outgoing. When you visit this place, try to be one of them. That way, you will get the best and learn more.

Coño Balconies

They are balconies, but not exactly a balcony you would like to spend more than a minute. The balconies are hanging on the Cliffside. They provide the best platform to have better views of the world underneath. You might need to gain some courage before stepping on any of them. They are strong, but not for someone who is scared of heights. The views from these balconies are great. For a moment, you will forget about what you are standing on. Coño is a Spanish exclamation word. Most people give the exclamation after looking down from the balconies. Translated in English, the word is not appropriate.

You can see how people fell in love with this place. It is not just about the location, the bridge is also one of those things. It was built using strong materials to hold the bridge firm for all those years. If you reside in Spain but you have not visited this place. Unless there is another Spain.

The festive holidays are here and you do not know where to go. Well, I think you might have found your destination. It is a beautiful town to relax your mind. Experience a new life outside the busy cities you live in. this is a cool and nice place for interaction. You can make a couple of friends from this place. You do not have to hear about Ronda from stories and documentaries. It exists, why not go and take a look?

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