When I hear about Italy, I start imagining the architectural designs of their buildings. Every street has architectural details. They are attractive and well-done. I do not think there is any other country that can create something close to Italy. Pisa is a city that did not overlook the importance of keeping the architecture. The buildings on the streets and the squares are competing to show off. This is the reason why Pisa happens to be a great tourist attraction point.

The unusual things to do in Pisa are not experienced anywhere else. Everything is unique and attractive. Whether you have money or not, there is something for you to do. Some people would love to travel but do not have enough money. When travelling, you do not have to participate in all the activities. Choose what you can afford and leave what you can’t. In Pisa, things are different.

Free Things to Do in Pisa

Visiting Palazzo Blu

This is a museum open to the public for free. The building housing the museum has stood from the 14th century. The term Blue was given to it after it was painted in blue on the outside. There is a lot of traditional exhibitions in the museum. There is a variety of furniture dating back to the original inhabitants of the building. A collection of different coins among other things are preserved in this museum. If you cannot afford to pay for the other museum, visiting this will make you feel good.

A Stroll Along Porto di Boccadarno

From this coastline, you are able to have a great view of the water and the city. The place is surrounded by restaurants and supermarkets. Life here continues with less disturbance. You can have a good view of the sunset as you enjoy a glass of wine from any of the restaurants. You will pay for the restaurant services but exploring Porto di Boccadarno is free.

Visiting Piazza Dei Miracoli

This UNESCO Heritage Site is worth taking a glimpse. You may not see it from the inside because of the charges. However, watching it from the outside feels similar to being inside. Or maybe almost similar. The square has beautiful architectural details and a serene environment surrounding it.

Keith Haring Mural

You do not need money to look at this wall mural. The mural displays talent and passion for art. There are many puzzles or translations to make. Every person will have a different translation according to what they see. Put your mind to work for a while as you translate the beautiful piece of art.

Visit Piazza Dei Cavalieri

This square consists Tower of Hunger, which is also known as Count Ugolino’s Tower. You will also find the church of S. Stefano dei Cavalieri. The square has a great history you would like to hear. It also hosts a university. Studying in such a rich environment can surely pay a lot. Apart from the free things to do in Pisa, there is a lot to explore with some money. Here are some of the best activities you can participate in.

See the Leaning Tower of Pisa

It carries the name of the place and it is also a tourist attraction sight. The tower assumes a tilted appearance easy to notice. The tower was constructed during the 12th century. It assumed the tilted position after construction. The foundation had some defaults after the construction, which made the tower to lean. It is, however, safe and you can climb to the top. This is one of the unusual things to do in Pisa to have a tilted view of the world around.

Shopping at Borgo Stretto

Want to carry something back home? This is the best street to do your shopping. The street has retail and boutique shops and designer stores. After shopping, you can have something to eat from its cafes. The cafes serve delicious food and offer the best services. There is one more thing I cannot overlook. You will notice it the moment you get here. The artistic buildings. The buildings on this street have beautiful architectural details. Spain is known for great architectural designs. This street did not leave that factor out.

Walking on Ponte di Mezzo

This bridge is 89 meters long. It crosses the river Arno. The bridge gives a beautiful view of the river. You can also take beautiful pictures from this point. It is a clean bridge that allows you to see the architectural designs of the houses on either side.

Italian cuisine will give you a reason to go back to Pisa. It is a world full of wonders and excitements. The greatest thing about Pisa is that you will do a lot of learning. Most places you will visit has a rich history that you cannot resist hearing. Most buildings have stood for many centuries. Some buildings date back in the 12th century.

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