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In 2000, the Museum of Pop Culture was founded in Seattle. Modern stars and icons of pop culture are waiting for you in the Museum, which unites music and science fiction in the most unique experience.

music and science fiction in the most unique experience

It is not a boring museum

In 2000 the museum was founded by Paul Allen. It offers many interesting film festivals and all kinds of exhibitions related to the modern popular culture, which often travel around the United States and around the world. The Museum of Pop Culture can claim the title of the most extravagant building in Seattle. It was designed by the famous Frank Gehry, whose wavy facades you recognize from a thousand.

extravagant building of The Museum of Pop Culture

Filling the museum will not be clear to everyone: exhibitions are usually devoted to pop culture, especially genres of fantasy, science fiction and horror, as well as musical geniuses like Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana. The museum is equipped with a gallery with recording studios, where everyone can feel like a rock star.

The main exhibit of the Pop Culture museum is a huge installation of more than 500 guitars installed in the center of the main exhibition hall. One of the halls is dedicated to the American rock band of Nirvana. And there is also a very interesting gallery of guitars, which tells the history of the instrument and shows 55 ancient designs.

gallery of guitars in The Museum of Pop Culture

The exhibition “Fantasy: worlds of myths and magic” is one of the most popular. Here are exhibited costumes and props from famous fantasy films, drawings and sketches to the famous games. It’s Ideal for fans of Star Wars, Star Trek and other popular science fiction. And you could sit and watch a small documentary about villains in films in a monitor made in the form of huge faceted eyes of a dragonfly.

The musical theme continues on the stylized children’s playground at the entrance to the museum, from where, instead of children’s screams, a pleasant ringing of bells comes, because each object on the site was created in such a way that any touch and movement produces sound.

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