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What is culture trip?

Culture trip is one of the most popular types of tourism. Those, who are interested in culture, sights and history of various regions, make it even more popular. During excursions a person receives more accurate and detailed information about things he/she is interested. Nowadays, people travel more and more, trying to understand our world, understand the laws of existence and understand how everything has begun. Culture trip helps us realize these issues, because the desire of people to enrich themselves spiritually gives the possibility of its further development.

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Culture trip is one of the main types of tourism in the modern world, because this kind of recreation allows you to combine cognitive excursions with visiting historical, architectural, natural and cultural attractions.

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This kind of tourism acquaints tourists with cultural values and widens their cultural horizons. At the same time, tourists get knowledge according to their own cultural needs.

Spiritual enrichment

Cultural tourists’ activities can be grouped as follows:

– acquaintance with various historical, architectural or cultural epochs by visiting architectural monuments, museums, historical routes;

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– visiting theatrical performances, music festivals, cinemas, theaters, religious holidays, bullfighting, galleries, concerts and opera seasons, exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc.;

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– attending of lectures, seminars, symposia, foreign language courses, communication trainings;

– participation in demonstrations of folklore, national cuisine and applied art;

At the heart of culture trip is the need of spiritual learning of culture. This kind of tourism forms a harmoniously developed personality, gives the opportunity for active learning and bring up certain feelings: taste, responsibility, patriotism, etc.

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What is more, it provides respect for human dignity and individuality and recognition of the identity of cultures and moral values of peoples.

To sum up, we can say that culture trip affects not only the world outlook of a person, but also his/her whole life.

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