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Underwater museum in Yassiada, Turkey

The Turkish authorities intend to open the Museum of Underwater Culture on the island of Yassiada, which is a part of the archipelago of the Princes’ Islands in the Sea of Marmara.

It is noted that there are about 25 wrecks in the waters of the island, including ancient ships dating from the 2nd to 16th centuries, as well as modern, for example, Croatian vessel that sank in 1993. Since 1979, the island is a protected area, and you can visit this place only with an appropriate permission.


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has come to a decision to build a museum of underwater culture here. It is planned to be a place where tourists can investigate 3-4 ships that sank in the II, IV and XVI centuries. In addition, divers will be able to see the sunken in 1994 Lebanese ship. Protection of objects will be provided around the clock by security control and video surveillance systems.

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All vessels are at a depth of 15-45 meters. This innovation will make the island of Yassiada one of the most prominent places for scuba diving in the world. What is more, there will be placed some artifacts previously found on wrecks.

It is stated that the fate of the project at the official level will be resolved in the coming months, and its implementation will take no more than six months.

It is expected that during the first two years the underwater museum will be visited by more than 400 thousand tourists, and the annual income will be $200 million.


Interesting information about Yassiada

The island of Yassiada, which area is only 0.05 square kilometers, is one of the most enigmatic among Princes’ Islands. In former time, representatives of the nobility were exiled to the Princes’ Islands. That is the reason why archipelago is called like this.

In the local waters, there are more than 25 sunken ships. The reasons for this number of tragedies are a small reef on the south-west side. You can get to Yassiada by ferry or boat from the berths of Sirkeci or Bostanci in Istanbul. The journey takes 20-30 minutes.

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