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The most trendy travel destinations: planning a vacation in 2018

Learning the main trends of 2018, we have taken into consideration a variety of factors, but the main questions was the following: which places are experiencing the period of the most active transformation? Which places are becoming hot tourist spots? This selection of trendy destinations definitely has something to surprise you. It is high time to get inspired and plan your adventures for 2018.

The top 10 destinations for your future vacation

Ishigaki, Japan. This place is distinguished by clear blue water and white sandy beaches. It is recommended to make a trip on a boat with a transparent bottom to observe the coral reefs and tropical fishes from above.

Ishigaki Japan photo

Kapaa, Hawaii. A lot of different hotels, shopping malls and restaurants, make this small town extremely friendly for tourists. Kapaa offers tourists a variety of water sports.

Kapaa Hawaii photo

Nairobi, Kenya. Nairobi is considered a center of African safari. It is a dynamic modern city with rich wildlife and vibrant nightlife.

Nairobi Kenya

Halifax, Canada. We advise you to investigate this place while walking around the city. Get acquainted with the rich history of Halifax in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. It is also a good idea to observe the city from the citadel of the XVIII century.

Halifax Canada photo

Gdansk, Poland. Gdansk, one of the most beautiful cities in Poland, is located on the Baltic Sea. It is one of the cultural centers of Poland, that is why there are many attractions. The local museums store many pieces of art that can be observed during guided tours.

Gdansk Poland photo

San Jose, Costa Rica. The noisy and lively capital of Costa Rica has been built on the proceeds of the coffee trade. The city is still surrounded by coffee plantations. Many monuments of architecture have been reconstructed, and now they function as stylish hotels.

San Jose Costa Rica photo

Riga, Latvia. Riga is a very beautiful city. Its central area has preserved a whole complex of old and ancient buildings that leave no one indifferent. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Riga Latvia photo

Rovinj, Croatia. Rovinj is a very old city, its history dates back to several centuries. An incredibly beautiful coastline will forever remain in the memory of everyone, who has been here.

Rovinj Croatia photo

Nerja, Spain. Tourists visit this place for beach holidays, natural attractions and classical Spanish cuisine. Nerja can offer luxury beaches and blue waters of the Mediterranean, gastronomic delights and comfortable hotels.

Nerja Spain photo

Casablanca, Morocco. Today Casablanca is a business center with skyscrapers and the economic capital of Morocco. The most interesting attraction for tourists, focused on the guided tour program, is the Old City, so called Medina.

Casablanca Morocco photo

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