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Ski Holidays in Europe

When looking for the best skiing destinations, most would like those which can support their experienced skiing or a family winter holiday experience. Sometimes both. The best ski resorts in Europe can accommodate both even enough to exceed your expectations. We decided to come up with a list that will make it hard for you to resist these destinations. The resorts are known for their best services and that they offer nothing less than a spectacular experience.

Best Ski Resorts in Europe


This resort is known for its big space where even professional skiers can have a good time as they won’t have to run a slope twice. It can support many people at once due to its extensive area. This ski resort is located in France and used to be just a village around 1850. However, the place is now filled with luxurious infrastructure and a myriad of amenities where you can have other kinds of fun and also get your family to enjoy their different interests.

In Courchevel, you get access to high snows on the 3 vallées which provide ample space and wide view as you enjoy the high slopes plunging into the village. The 3 vallées have added up to four making it one of the biggest ski resorts in the world. The resort features a fast lift system with lots of comfortable gondolas and detachable chairlifts that would make your experience much more magical. They also host a myriad of training for any disability so that everyone can have the fun they deserve.

winter in Courchevel,France

2.Val Thorens

This is one of the most luxurious resorts which is constantly investing huge budgets to ensure a comfortable experience for professional skiers and families. The place has been shining for years and their effort to ensure the most memorable skiing experience is evident in their services. The resort has been ranked among the top ski resorts in Europe for many years now with multiple occasions of it being at the top.

Their extensive snow and skier-oriented infrastructure is built for comfort and they never stop improving the space. The resort is known for its wealth in recreational activities which makes them super family friendly. For anyone who likes feeling at home away from home, this resort has self-catering modern apartments that you can use for the rest of your stay there. If you just visited the neighborhood and wish for a place to park your car, they provide it for free. Although the local people inspire you with their rich culture, you can also reconnect with your modern lifestyle every time you want to. You’ll never go wrong when you go for a winter holiday in this resort.

winter in Val Thorens


Located in Italy, this resort made it up the ranks of the best and seems to plan keeping it that way. The place accommodates anyone given the numerous activities it can offer. The resort is a perfect destination if you want to go skiing or just enjoy the resources leisurely. It is also known for its refreshing services that can enable sport and the overall well-being of one self.

When in Livigno, you can stroll in the woods or ski on the high slopes that dip into the Center in the middle. The fine dining, spa services and a lot of others will enable your family to enjoy their time even if they are not skiing enthusiasts. The services by the locals are filled with infectious enthusiasm for the resort. With the presence of various delicacies, you’ll feel at home. Situated in Northern Europe, this place is a mountain paradise. When looking for family ski resorts in Europe, do not miss the fun in this one.

winter in Livigno

4.Les Contamines-Montjoie

When it comes to a family friendly environment, this resort by the Mont-Blanc summits has it all. The 5-star ski resort is structured to suit family time conveniently. The resort is known for its preserved culture and amazing cuisines. Although reserved with its culture, the resort is equipped with fine accommodation for any winter sport lover. It is mainly suitable for casual skiers and a family which enjoys outdoor activities in the snow. The best part is, the snow season goes on for a long time which gives many skiers the time they need to book reservations early and with cut down prices.

winter in Les Contamines-Montjoie

5.Crans Montana

If you want to keep your adventurous life in the city intact as well as enjoy some skiing, this is the place to be. This resort is situated on a high-altitude plateau that overlooks the Rhone valley. The scenery one can take in is magical as the Mount-Blanc peaks are visible and coupled with the natural landscape to provide something more than a skiing experience. The resort is equipped with all the modern lifestyle services that will ensure your comfort in the mountains. The boutiques, wellness center and award-winning restaurants make sure that you do not forget your life even after a long stay. The nightlife in this resort is also vibrant hence a perfect destination for any skier who loves their city nightlife. If you want a modern skiing experience, Crans Montana will be the perfect choice for you. It’s one of the best ski resorts in the whole of Europe.

winter in Crans Montana

Skiing is a magical experience if coupled up with the perfect blend of activities. When you want to go for a winter holiday in Europe, the above top ski resorts will meet your utmost expectations.

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