countries for family adventure vacations

Family adventure vacations

For some people, the best vacation activity is lying on beach with a glass of beer and ice cream in hands. However, there are many travelers, who prefer extreme and new impressions. Fortunately, there are always a sufficient number of offers for both categories. From this article you will find out the top 6 countries suitable for family adventure vacations.

Czech Republic

It is pleasant to put the Czech Republic on the first place. The government of the country almost made a religion of the development of active tourism. There are excellent conditions for cycling and plenty of mountain routes. You can easily find places to practice rock climbing and learn how to raft on rivers. Paragliding, hot air ballooning and zorbing are also quite accessible.

Czech Republic Austria

This country exerts tremendous efforts not to remain only a ski resort but to prolong tourist season for the whole year. Such attempts are not in vain. There are a lot of summer and winter activities: rafting and trekking, rock and ice climbing, hiking through the most beautiful mountains. Cyclists can choose roads of different complexity. Also you will be able to practice downhill, speed descent on bikes along the ski slopes.


This destination for family adventure vacations attracts tourists not only with delightful views but also with the traditional activity of the local people. Unlike inhabitants of the most countries, Norwegians create infrastructure for extreme activities not for tourists, but primarily for themselves. Rafting is sacred in the country of mountain rivers. Traveling along hills and glaciers is an indispensable activity for those, who look for the most stunning landscapes. You can go fjords kayaking or try deep sea fishing.


Active pastime in Germany is traditionally encouraged. Almost every corner of the country is available for bike tours. There are also many picturesque hiking routes with plenty of historical monuments. Bavaria presents a complete set of extreme mountain activities that can be mixed with visits to magical castles built by King Ludwig II.



This direction is suitable for family adventure vacations because of the fascinating winter activities. Thousands of people from all over the world go to the north of the country for them. Traveling on snowmobiles, dog and reindeer sledging, staying at igloos (snow huts); there is a lot of romance in winter Finland.


In more southern areas, winter and summer fishing is popular. You can agree on the price of the catch on the spot. The most successful fishermen manage to pay back all the expenses of a trip. Cycling and skiing routes are also very popular.


Take a look at the Grand Canyon or a huge network of lakes and swamps in Florida from a hot air balloon. Tourists can enjoy rock climbing, mountain and water routs in national parks. And there is Alaska, a desirable place for those, who dreamed of adventures in Jack London’s style in childhood. You will have a perfect family adventure vacation here!


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