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Thrill-Seekers Paradise: TOP 10 the most terrifying tourist attractions in the world

Extreme activities always tickle your nerves. Some people like to be on the verge of danger. For many of us, extreme rest is something that is so lacking in life. The following places are not suitable for everyone. If you are not afraid, let’s consider top 10 terrifying tourist sites.

#1 The most terrifying attraction is “Step Into The Void”, located in the Chamonix resort in France. It is a glass cube hanging above a precipice at an altitude of 1,035m.

Step Into The Void

#2 EdgeWalk in Toronto is the next terrifying attraction. It is arranged on the top of the tallest tower in Canada – the CN Tower. Visitors have to stand on an open ledge at the altitude of 365m in a leaning position with free hands, with no fences and handrails, only with a safety rope.

EdgeWalk in Toronto

#3 Portal experts have also noted the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand. It is the tallest building in the country. At the top of the skyscraper, tourists are offered SkyJump (a jump from a height of 192m at a speed of 85km / h) and SkyWalk (a walk with a rope around the tower).

Sky Tower in Auckland

#4 An attraction on top of the tallest building in Australia – Eureka Skydeck, is also included to this rating. It is a huge glass cabin that extends beyond the building at the altitude of 300m.

 Australia Eureka Skydeck

#5 The Merida Cable Car in Venezuela. It is the second longest in the world and the highest in the world cable car. It rises more than 3,000m high. Its length is 12.5km. Merida Cable Car connects the city of Merida with the peak of Espejo at an altitude of 4.8km.

The Merida Cable Car in Venezuela

#6 An extreme attraction in Pemberton in the west of Australia. It offers walks among the treetops at a height of 51 – 75m without belay.

The list contains also several bridges:

#7 A bridge over the canyon Nevis (in New Zealand) at an altitude of 134m;

#8 Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia at an altitude of 700m, stretching over the gorge in the mountains of Gunung Raya;

#9 The Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia;

#10 A 100-meter-long glass bridge on Tianmen Mountain in Hunan Province (China).

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