Hawaii is one of the best countries out there in the world for you to get yourself lost in nature. If you are interested in getting that experience, you should think about visiting Haiku Stairs as well.

Haiku Stairs, which is also known as Stairway to Heaven can be considered as a trek, which is not for the faint of heart. You will have to take a lot of risks while you are getting to the top of it. However, the risk and challenges that you go through are totally worth it. That’s because you will be provided with breathtaking sights at the top of it. In addition to that, it can be considered as an unforgettable, exhilarating and heart-pounding experience that you can have as well.

The experience you can get out of Haiku Stairs hike

You will be taking a lot of risks while you are going forward with the Haiku Stairs hike. Therefore, it is important to understand what you can get out of it. This will also help you to remain motivated while you are getting to the top of it as well.

You will be able to take outstanding views of the surroundings by getting to the top of the Haiku Stairs hike. In other words, you can explore the colorful Hawaii Island from a unique viewpoint. This can deliver outstanding views to you and you will love to spend a lot of time on top of it.

The Haiku Stairs were constructed back in the year 1942. The primary objective of this construction was to access a high point in the mountain so that a secret and a powerful transmitter tower can be constructed. This transmitter tower could communicate effectively with all the Navy ships that are traveling across the Pacific Ocean.

However, the sights that people could see at the top of Haiku Stairs were outstanding and it eventually transformed to become one of the most outstanding tourist attractions. Therefore, people started loving visiting this attraction.

Important tips to keep in mind when climbing the Haiku Stairs

There are some important tips, which you must keep in mind at the time of climbing Haiku Stairs. Here are some of the most prominent tips out of them. You can take a look at these tips and go ahead with your hike. Then you will be able to receive the best experience out of it, without facing any hassle.

  • You need to have a clear understanding of the personal limits while you are climbing to the top of Haiku Stairs. That’s because this hike is frightening and dangerous. If this is the very first time you are going on a hike, you must do it with another person.
  • You must be aware of weather conditions when going through the Haiku Stairs hike as well. It is never recommended for you to hike it under rain or thunderstorm. You can take a look at the weather reports and decide whether you should hike it or not.
  • It is better if you can do a lot of research before you go ahead with climbing the Haiku Stairs. Then you will be able to have clear expectations on what you will come across.
  • You need to take some food along with you while hiking Haiku Stairs. This can help you to keep the energy levels high. In addition to that, you must also take water, so that you can keep yourself hydrated at all times. You must also drink a lot of water while you are on the hike. It is recommended for you to drink water the night before as well.
  • It is better if you can start the hike early in the morning, somewhere around 5:30am. Then you will be provided with the best possible views. During this time, you will not come across a lot of crowds as well.

How to go ahead with the hike?

Now you have a basic understanding of climbing the Haiku Stairs. Along with that, you will come across the need to learn how to go ahead with the hike. You need to make sure that you pick the right access point to go ahead with your hike.

There are three major access points available for you to proceed with the Haiku Stairs hike. Out of them, the access point 1 is the most common. That’s because you will be provided with the chance to travel through a private government road. It can help you to get to the base of the stairs. The second access point is a drainage ditch. If you want to make the hike more fun, you will be able to go ahead with this access point. On the other hand, you can also take a look at the third access point, which will take you to the water tower.

While you are heading the west direction, you will come across the bamboo forest as well. In here, you will have to squeeze yourself within the bamboo trees. You will need to follow the directions when moving forward with the trail so that you can make sure you won’t get lost.

After coming out of the bamboo forest, you can spot the stairs. In here, you will have to climb over 3,900 stairs to get to the top of the trail. You will be spending around three to four hours to complete. Then you can enjoy breathtaking views and come back. You will have to spend around two hours to come to the bottom of the Haiku Stairs as well.

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