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Popularity of helicopter tours. How safe such trips are?

Helicopter tours are one of the most popular types of observing new places, both in the largest cities, which are historical centers with a lot of attractions, and at resorts. Helicopter tours are very popular even among the middle class. This is due to the fact that with the minimum amount of time and money you can see a large number of different attractions in any area. What is more, it provides travelers with adrenaline from the sensation of altitude and flight speed.

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If you worry about the safety of such tours, you can be calm. The main rule is to follow the safety instructions and everything will be okay.

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Safety instructions during helicopter tours

You should remember that the combination of natural and technical risk factors requires special attention, caution and mutual respect of each participant of the program. As a result of non-compliance with the terms of instruction, you put yourself and other participants in a potentially dangerous situation.

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The participant of a helicopter tour have to be instructed and should strictly follow the rules of this instruction and the requirements of guides. It is necessary to take into consideration the recommendations about dress code, depending on the season and specific weather conditions.


Here are several rules of conduct in a helicopter:

  1. Each participant of a helicopter tour must have a passport.
  2. Smoking in a helicopter is prohibited.
  3. Boarding a helicopter starts with turn off engines.


When disembarking from a helicopter you should also stick to some rules:

  1. You can leave a helicopter only with the permission of a crew or a guide.
  2. A crew member disembarks first and assesses safety.
  3. Participants leave the helicopter one at a time, starting with the rear seats.
  4. After the landing, it is necessary to quickly and clearly take the place indicated by a guide, and stay in a sitting position, until the helicopter departs.


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