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Amazing funiculars all over the world

What is a funicular? This is a rail vehicle that will take you to a high point, and after that it will be released to the ground. Funiculars are not only the most impressive modes of transport in terms of panoramas opening from windows, but also allow people and goods to be transported along the steepest routes. We will tell you about the most amazing ski lifts in the world.

Funiculars you need to visit

Fliebanen. It’s a Bergen funicular in Norway. Was officially opened on January 15, 1918. The length of its line is 850 m, and the height difference is 300 m. Two trains with a capacity of 80 passengers each move with an average speed of 6 m / s, depending on the traffic, making all the way in about seven minutes. The funicular is one of the most important and popular attractions in Bergen and Norway. Annually Fliebanen carries about 1 million passengers.

Its scenic route runs from the city fish market to Mount Floyen. Going on this attraction you will ride in large wagons with a glass roof and large panoramic windows for a better view. From the funicular opens a picturesque view of the bay and the old town.

Fliebanen in Norway

Funicular in Barcelona. This funicular is both a transport and a historical landmark of the city. On Mount Tibidabo, the acknowledged the best panoramic platform of Barcelona, it has been climbing since 1901. This is the best route for families (children are delighted with such transport), and for curious tourists: you can see the surroundings and get to the amusement park on top of the mountain.

Barcelona funicular starts from the square of Dr. Andre, and before it goes a blue retro tram, which on the road slightly swings and creaks. Remember the schedule: the trains run once an hour.

Old Quebec Funicular. This “veteran” of public transport is considered not only the oldest in Canada, but also the oldest in all of North America. When it was launched in 1879, he worked on a water draft. True progress in Canada was a leap forward and already in 1907 the wagons switched to electricity. In 1945, the construction completely destroyed the fire, but a year later the funicular was restored. In 2004, the city solemnly celebrated the 125th anniversary of its oldest transport. Funicular connects the Upper and Lower Towns.

Old Quebec Funicular in Canada

Funiculars “Duquesne” and “Monongahela”. At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, trips in the Rust Belt area in Pittsburgh were carried out along inclined railways, which, in the absence of safe ordinary roads, served to transport cargo and residents. Today, only two of the legendary Pittsburgh funicular are still in operation. Both of them go to the top on the south side of Mount Washington. This is a supercycle 193-meter “Monongahela” — the oldest funicular in the US, as well as the 242-meter “Duquesne”, which was restored by local residents to the post of closure in the early 1960s.

Both funiculars are included in the National Register of Historic Places of the United States. Now these vehicles attract quite a lot of tourists, especially “Duquesne”, which leads to a small museum, souvenir shop and observation platform on the very top of Mount Washington. Most Pittsburgh residents can show you many ways to admire the “Steel City”. But to see it in all its glory, you’ll have to ride an old transport to climb to the top of the mountain.

Funiculars in Pittsburgh

Gelmerbahn — funicular with the steepest lift. The Gelmerbahn funicular with a slope of 106° is considered the steepest in Europe. Its open wagon will take you to Lake Helmer, located at an altitude of 1860 meters above sea level. Pedestrian tourist mountain routes start from the lake.

The Gelmerbahn railway was built in the 1920s to ensure the construction of a dam on Lake Helmer. The trip on this freight railway was very exciting, and in 2001 it was converted into a passenger funicular. An open carriage for 12 minutes delivers 24 passengers from Handegg in the Gasley valley to Lake Helmer.

The Gelmerbahn funicular

Funicular of the island Capri. Built in 1907 on the Italian island Capri, the funicular overcomes the distance of 650 meters in five minutes, while the walking tour lasts about an hour, providing stunning views of the island, and takes passengers from Marina Grande to the famous Piazzetta (Piazza Umberto Primo).

Capri funicular arrives on the upper platform, height of 138 m above sea level. From the observation deck you can see a wonderful view of the Gulf of Naples, the port of Marina Grande, and Monte Solaro mountain.

Angels Flight. In Los Angeles, after 9 years of downtime, the once-famous funicular Angels Flight, which is commonly called the “shortest railway in the world”, resumed its work. This is the oldest and only funicular of Los Angeles, which was repeatedly rebuilt and reintroduced. Its length reaches at the moment 91 meters. A small trip in the legendary black-orange trailer, trimmed with wooden panels, will really give you incomparable impressions.

Angels Flight in Los Angeles

Flying Dutchman. Funicular Flying Dutchman is located near the Cape of Good Hope in the Western Cape, South Africa. The attraction was opened in 1996. The line of 585 meters in length and the angle of inclination of 16 degrees rises to a height of 87 meters. In each trailer is placed 40 passengers. The trip is not long and lasts about 3 minutes, but you will see a wonderful view of the nature of South Africa from a height. The name of the funicular comes from the legend of the ghost ship “Flying Dutchman”. It was here that the mysterious ship was most often seen. This gives the trip a special spirit of travel.

Flying Dutchman in South Africa

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