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The tourism industry is constantly developing and improving, offering new services to tourists, who are already fed up with traditional types of tourism and quiet rest in hotels. That is why, there is a need for creating conditions for active recreation. Active tourism includes types of recreation and travel, entertainment, sports that require considerable physical efforts and are not available to all categories of tourists. According to one of the travelers, extreme tourism is the top level of tourism in general.

The most extreme travel is the choice of courageous people, who want something new, unusual and really memorable. Nowadays, travel agencies can offer an extreme adventure vacation. What are the most extreme trips? Let’s consider!

Top 10 the most extreme tours

Antarctica. Since childhood, we are surrounded by romantic stories about polar explorers, who have lived for years at autonomous stations in Antarctica, conducting scientific experiments, collecting information about this harsh continent, and also caring about its “indigenous inhabitants” – penguins. However, it is not necessary to go to long and not always safe Antarctic expeditions, because you can visit the southern continent as a tourist. A lot of travel companies provide their customers with a similar service. Those who wish to visit Antarctica can do it on a cruise ship or even fly to one of the stations.

Extereme adventure in ntarctica

Bridge over the abyss, China. Mount Huashan in China reaches an altitude of about 2 thousand meters and is famous for its extreme routes. The most dangerous and terrible tourist attraction here is the bridge over the abyss. This flimsy structure with a width of no more than 40 cm does not have handrails and safety fences. Not everyone dares to step on the bridge, however those who overcome own fear, consider it as the best entertainment.

Mount Huashan in China

Swimming with crocodiles, Australia. Watching crocodiles in the zoo is much less interesting than swimming with them in a pond. In Crocosaurus Cove Park in Darwin, Australia, tourists are offered immersion in water, swarming with predators, in a special glass cage. Transparent walls add a unique sensation of the reality and the absence of a barrier. You can spend about 15 minutes in the water and look into the eyes of furious crocodiles, owners of the most powerful jaws in the entire animal kingdom.

Bungee jumping in a volcano, Chile. Bungee jumping is not a novelty and many of us have managed to try this attraction. What about the jump into an active volcano Villarrica in Chile? This is really an extreme activity. A helicopter, equipped with bungee jumping equipment, is rented for such an event. The distance between the helicopter and the molten magma is 200 meters, while the length of the rope is only 100 meters. By the way, such pleasure can tickle your nerves also with its high cost – from 12 thousand US dollars.

Tornado hunting, USA. Americans are famous for their breathtaking shots of hurricanes and tornadoes. That’s why they offer a new extreme entertainment for tourists – tornado pursuit. It lasts for several days on relatively safe and well-equipped SUVs.


Cave of Swallows. This is a unique karst cave in Mexico. The top of the cave has a width of only about 50 meters, and then the space increases to a size of 120 – 300 meters. Its depth reaches 376 meters. The cave is one of the most stunning places for BASE jumping. What is more, there is a peculiar ecosystem with a huge number of insects, snakes, swifts and parrots inside the cave. Local travel agencies offer tours with a descent to the bottom of the cave with the help of climbing equipment for $ 5,200.

unique karst cave in Mexico

Volcano boarding. Volcano surfing is a downhill from the volcano’s ash slope, sitting or standing on a special board. The volcano should be active, constantly renewing the layer of ash. Therefore, such a hellish boarding is available only in a couple of places on Earth: Cerro Negro Volcano in Nicaragua and Yasur Volcano in Vanuatu. Remember, that Yasur erupts almost daily. So, safer and more popular tours are in Nicaragua.

guy on a board

Everest Base Camp. Ascent to the top of the Jomolungma is an activity for the strongest and the most experienced athletes in the world who have been preparing for this achievement for many years. However, almost anyone can be engaged in this event without long training, because there are tours to Everest Base Camp. The base camp is the main stronghold on the way to Everest. It is located at an altitude of 5545 meters. Ordinary tourists can also visit this place. To do this, they need to walk a few days along the most beautiful places of the Himalayas in Nepal.

Island Survival. Many of us has imagined ourselves in the role of Robinson Crusoe in the childhood and dreamed of experiencing no less thrilling adventures. Today, this opportunity is available for tourists who are ready to pay three thousand Euros for it. The adventure awaits them on an uninhabited island near Central America. Affluent people can live ten days on a completely deserted island in the middle of the warm Caribbean Sea. This excursion is organized by experienced instructors, who preliminarily teach tourists the basics of survival in the wild.

Road of death, Bolivia. This is an asphalt road about 3 meters wide above a steep precipice. The number of victims reaches about 100 people per year. That is why the notorious route has gotten such a name. Despite this, local travel agencies offer extreme lovers a ride on a narrow mountain road in a small car with professional drivers.

Road of death in Bolivia

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