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Amazing places for wild swimming

What can compare with the pleasure of swimming in a secluded place? You can step into the river cautiously, or you can jump into the very center of the lake. In this case it is impossible not to feel that you become part of the picturesque corner of nature, and not just an admiring observer. The main rule: do not swim alone and be sure to ask local residents about the current’s power and the features of the place before entering the water. Which places are best for wild swimming in Europe — learn in this article.

Where to go for wild swimming in Europe

Pont du Gard, France. This stunning ancient is the Roman aqueduct. In ancient Rome, such a water canal was built to supply water to populated areas and other objects in the city. It is best to consider while swimming in shallow water in the shade, where the river becomes the widest. The water in this place is always clean and transparent, like glass, and the nearby beach is ideal for picnics and recreation. Swimming is prohibited right under the arches, where the river narrows and the current forms a whirlpool. But you can swim in the river itself. Nothing prevents you from admiring the monument of architecture from afar directly from the water.

Pont du Gard in France

Grant River, Great Britain. To the south of Cambridge are the wide and smooth bends of the Grant River, which are ideal for invigorating swimmers. There are a number of places to swim in a three-kilometer walk along the Grants from Cambridge to Grantchester. Two kilometers along the path through the meadows of Grandchester there is a small muddy beach with overhanging willows and rope swings, which is ideal for immersion in water. This is a great place for wild swimming in Сambridge. Go and have a cup of tea in the magnificent tea rooms in the middle of the orchard after you make a refreshing leap into the water. Tea rooms are located in the village of Grantchester, which is ten minutes walk along the path from the places for swimming.

Lake Lungern, Switzerland. This is one of the most picturesque places for wild swimming in Europe. Alpine lakes are perhaps the most idyllic places for summer swimming, but Lake Lungern is special. The water here is so clean that it seems that you can drink it. So do not worry if you accidentally take a couple of sips while you dabble. This is a place untouched by man, located among the picturesque mountains. You can relax after an active bathing in the village, next to the lake.

Lake Lungern in Switzerland

Cabo de Gata, Spain. Cabo de Gato looks and Costa del Sol — some of the most beautiful and almost deserted beaches in Spain are located between large cliffs and capes in the east of Almeria, where dark, volcanic origin hills cut into a foamy sea of turquoise color. It can be said that Cabo de Gato has not yet been discovered by tourists as a place for recreation, so there are very few people here. Just here there is a wild, pristine spirit. Only modest fishing villages are scattered along the shore. You can walk along the sea or stay nearby. The coast stretches from Retamar in the north-west to Agua Amarga in the northeast.

Cabo de Gata in Spain

Lustica Peninsula, Montenegro. Along the southern part of the shoreline of the peninsula Lustica there is a string of clean beaches popular among those who come here for one day from Herceg Novi or rafts on canoes from Rosa. As you know, in Dobreche — the purest water, but you can get there only by sea. Another famous place for recreation — Blue Grot, nicknamed so because of the optical effect resulting from the reflection of light from the sea surface. Usually, boats stop right in the cave at a height of about 9 meters and all participants in the journey are allowed to dive right into the rain-splashed water. It’s ideal place for gorgeous wild swimming.

Lustica Peninsula in Montenegro

Calanque d’En-Вау, France. Calanque d’En-Вау is the greatest of the cliffs of France, at the foot of which is a pebble beach hidden in a rock. Despite the long and complex path to the shore, the opening spectacular view is worth it. This place was loved by rock climbers and vacationers, who prefer a rocky coast. Transparent water of this beach is the main distinguishing feature of Calanque d’En-Вау.

Valle Verzasca, Switzerland. Valle Verzasca is not so popular with tourists as other places in Switzerland. Here you can find stunning dairy rivers, waterfalls, beautiful mountain villages, green mountains and azure water. Particular attention when visiting Valle Verzasca should be given to the magical emerald-green river of Verzaska flowing among the rock-lapped rocks and under a unique and beautiful double bridge called Ponte dei Salti. This is where you can swim.

Valle Verzasca in Switzerland

Fairy pools, Scotland. This is a very beautiful complex, consisting of waterfalls and lakes. The Fairy Pools is located in the south of the island of Skye, near Portree. To fully enjoy the beauty of places, get ready for a walk: the most beautiful photos are obtained if you go down to the water. A wild swimming in the crystal clear waters of the lake will bring unforgettable impressions.

Bristol, United Kingdom. It is worth noting the parks of Cotswold, where it is necessary to make an appointment for an excursion. By the number of plants and animals that can be seen here, the park is considered one of the most leading in the world. Only animals here are collected more than 250 species, and this is an impressive number. Open water swimming is a major attraction at this popular beach for wild swimming in Bristol in the Cotswold Water Park. You can and hire boats.

Beach of Stiniva, island of Vis, Croatia. This small beach is located on the remote island of Vis and is almost completely surrounded by rocks. Children will certainly enjoy bathing in a tiny bay, and adults will need to swim through a small strait between two huge stones to get out into the sea. During the bath you will admire the sheer cliffs, which seem to cover the beach from the eyes of others, and green slopes.

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