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Adventure tourism in India.

India occupies a prominent place among the elite tourism. The landscape of India is endowed with magnificent geography and an extensive space of beaches, mountains, waterfalls, rivers and marshes. These geographic wonders combined with the eternal quest for adventure will be opened to a person who wants to get to know India.

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Kerala is one of the most charming states of India. It has been recently declared one of the 50 compulsory destinations for travelers. The locality of this exciting place challenges even the most fearless adventurers. Trekking to the peak of Chembra and Wayanad is considered a risky proposition, which can take a whole day. The peak at 2100 meters above sea level is the highest in Wayanad and the achievement of this challenging task is fraught with risk, but the award is a panoramic view of the breathtaking beauty of the Wayanad.

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Rock climbing is another sport activity that attracts a number of tourists. Mountaineering, rock climbing and other entertaining sports adventures are waiting for brave people on steep rocky massifs. One of the four famous waterfalls Wayanad is an excellent place for rock climbing. Its steep cliffs create ideal conditions for fans of extreme sports.

There are also a number of water sports, including rafting, canoeing and surfing for extreme lovers.


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India expands tourism opportunities

To attract more visitors, this country has chosen a new direction in the tourism industry – adventure tourism. Huge adventure centers have been building in the largest resort cities in India. They turn out to be a real magnet for travelers. And the number of tourists in such centers is the direct proof.

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Adventure centers offer entertainment for any taste: on the water, on the ground and even in the air. Among the popular attractions: archery and windsurfing. The well-being and safety of tourists is monitored by experienced trainers and specially trained staff.

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India has not yet suffered from the threat of mass tourism. It has successfully managed to preserve its charm of the Old World. You can enjoy adventures, get your portion of adrenaline and plunge into the magic of modern Narnia.

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