Adventure Holidays in Norway

Adventure Holidays in Norway.  Norway Travel Tips.

If you are a fan of hiking in the mountains and the landscapes of breathtaking beauty, Norway will definitely become your favorite destination.

Money saving tips for your Norway Trips

If you hold a view that expensive hotels, expensive restaurants and expensive entertainment will never leave such an indelible mark in your memory, as the routes that you plan by yourself, then bear in mind that a trip to one of the most expensive countries in the world can be planned on a very low budget.

Routes that travelers plan themselves can make unforgettable every moment spent at one with the Nature.

Norway Trip

This review is inspired by two girls, who are experienced travelers from Europe; they spent in Norway 10 wonderful days and only 200 euros on the whole trip.

The main moneysaving tricks that will help you are couchsurfing and hitch-hiking.

Hitch-hiking is a perfect way to save money on bus trips and car rent. is a service that offers travelers an opportunity to find free accommodations while traveling all over the world.

If you are lucky enough to have found a good host at it is time to think over your route.

Norway city night

The best places to see in Norway

For your adventure holidays in Norway we recommend you the best places that are must-see places for every tourist. Visiting these viewpoints will turn your holidays in Norway into a true adventure.

# 1 Trolls’ Path is actually a part of the national highway RV63 and at the same time one of the most popular tourist viewpoints in the country. The main factor that attracts tourists here is not the skills of the engineers who constructed the road, but the magnificent view from the viewing platform, the view of the valley, twisting road and the Stigfossen waterfall.

Trolls' Path

# 2 The Troll tongue (‘Trolltunga’ in Norwegian) is a worldwide known rock formation of Skjeggedal mountain, at a height of 350 meters above lake Ringedalsvatnet. To get to the Troll tongue hikers have to walk for about 5 hours on foot uphill.

The Troll tongue

# 3 People who see fiords for the first time are usually excited like kids, so beautiful they are.  In September such places are secluded. One can walk right along highways, play with sheep and scare seagulls.


We hope that we inspired you to make the trip, so please pack your bag, take your best ‘dare devil’ friend and set off for your adventure holidays in Norway.

Norway Fjord Aurora Night


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