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Adventure holidays in Europe.

Many people associate active tourism with the most remote and inaccessible places of our planet: African jungles and American canyons, deserts of Mongolia and the Arab East, mountain peaks of the Pamir or volcanoes of Kamchatka. However, few people know that in relative proximity and accessibility there are no less interesting places. Their unique landscapes, nature and history can surprise even the most sophisticated tourists. We are talking about adventure holidays in Europe.

Active tours to Northern Europe

Fans of active tourism know the important rule: the more severe climate and nature is, the more interesting places can be found in the region. Northern Europe fully confirms this by allowing travelers to choose between exploring the landscapes, diversity of flora and fauna of the Norwegian fjords, the lakes of Finland or the volcanoes of Iceland. Each country in Northern Europe is beautiful and unique in its own way. You can go hiking along the northern paths with any level of training by choosing the route of needed complexity.

Western Europe

No less interesting are adventure holidays in Western Europe. The main traveling routes that are not related to sightseeing and beach tourism lie in the Alps and their foothills. They cover a vast territory and have such a rich natural landscape that one can always find trails not overloaded by tourist groups. Most of them prefer to have a rest in typical ski resorts of France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, spending free time in warm hotels, bars and nightclubs, instead of taking risk to go beyond the well-maintained descents and ski lifts.

If you like camps, tents and the smell of campfire, spending nights in the fresh air and washing in crystal mountain streams, adventure holidays in Western Europe will bring you great pleasure.

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Use the possibility to see completely new Alps: greatness of snow-capped peaks, rare species of mountain plants, charm of alpine villages, historical sights and beauty of Lake Geneva.

Southern Europe

Diversity of local landscapes, a mixture of different nationalities and cultures can compete with any area of our planet. Southern Europe is so unique and contradictory, poor and rich, minimal and ornate, warm and cool.

You may visit many-sided Spain during adventure holidays in Europe. Here restrained Catholicism is combined with Moorish luxury. Enjoy sun-drenched coasts with mountain peaks of the Pyrenees.

Also one of the most popular countries in this region is Greece. Every inch of its territory preserves cultural memory and traces of a great civilization. Active tours to Greece include climbing the legendary Mount Olympus, exploring the monuments of ancient Hellas, hiking and sailing.

adventure in europe

But Greece is not only a continental territory but also thousands of islands. The most mysterious of them is Crete. It cannot be ignored by people, who are fond of  thrilling adventures and historical riddles.

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