Son Doong Cave – The Biggest Mystery in The World.

Today most of us think that there are no unexplored places on our planet and nothing can surprise us. And that is totally wrong. Each year a new place that attracts people lusting for mysteries appears, and one of such places is the Son Doong Cave in Vietnam.

Son Doong is the largest cave in the world. It is an uncommon and bright spot attracting huge flows of tourists to Vietnam. The cave halls are so huge that one can feel himself as small as insect.

The History of the Cave

The cave was found accidentally by locals in 1991, but scientists have researched it only in 2009. Earlier people tried to avoid these places, as they were frightened by the sounds heard from the cave.

Son Doong is situated in the territory of the Vietnamese Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, which has been opened soon after the cave was found. The world-class cave explorers who have visited this cave have been really shocked. It is impossible to call it a common cave, it is rather underground world with its own vegetation, with a river, animals and fascinating stone carvings. It has to be stated that, actually, the cave was named like this because of the river.

What Can You Find Inside?

In places where the sunshine reaches the ground, flora and fauna is quite rich. You can see several meter high trees, bushes, and various herbs. And beside the plants there are various insects, animals and birds inside.

Throughout the year the cave river changes its flow; during droughts it is a usual river, and during a rainy season it floods some of Son Doong halls, forming picturesque reservoirs there.

Because of high humidity, temperature changes and huge spaces it is even possible to see clouds.

What to Look for in a Cave?

As to the present the cave is still not studied completely, and scientists have explored only 6,5 kilometers of the cave. It will take much time and many efforts from scientists and researchers to learn everything about this marvelous place.

To date researchers have opened over 150 halls in the cave, which are connected with passes. Son Doong really impresses with the stone walls containing unique stalactites and fossils, the stones you will not find anywhere in the world. Their age is estimated to be over several million years. In a cave there has been found the largest stalagmite, its height reaches more than 70 meters. It has received the name “the Hand of Dog”. Also there is area with a large amount of stalagmites that was called “the Cactus Garden”, the stones there look just like cactuses.


You can see how the water from rocks has washed away limestone during millions of years, which has led to formation of multilayered walls with layers of cave pearls. Those are so beautiful – possessing ideal forms and color that it is even hard to imagine these walls were created by the nature.

Son Doong is available for tourists since 2013, however it can be difficult to reach this cave. In order to travel to Son Doong, it is necessary to cover the distance of 50 km through the jungles, and when you reach the cave, you need to be physically fit to climb up and down the slopes and rocks inside the cave.

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