Road trips are always exciting and adventurous. San Diego is a great place to start your road trips. There are a lot of places at the remote distance from San Diego. Now we will discuss top road trips from San Diego below.

San Diego is a quite popular and famous place to go for a weekend getaway. There are a lot of weekend getaway places nearby. You can go there to enjoy yourself. These places are fantastic and fabulous.

Top 5 Weekend Trips From San Diego

Catalina Island

It is 26 kilometers away from San Diego. It will take you two hours to go from San Diego. You can go there by boat. This journey is amazing. The place is also beautiful. You can enjoy the sun on the beach. There are many hotels, excellent restaurants to amaze you. You can do water-fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling there. It can be one of the best getaways from San Diego for you.

Palm Springs

This getaway is 90 kilometers away from San Diego. It is a three hours journey from San Diego. You need to take a bus journey from San Diego to go there. There is a museum named “Palm Springs Air Museum” which vintage planes will mesmerize you. It is an excellent place to pay a visit.

Sequoia National Park

It is five hours drive from San Diego. On the way, you can enjoy the beautiful view of high mountains going up there. This is a must-visit place from San Diego. There are a lot of giant redwood trees in the Sequoia National Park. You can visit two national parks at the same time there as Kings Canyon National Park is adjacent to Sequoia.

Rosarito Beach, Mexico

It is only 30 minutes of distance from the border. This beach will give you the perfect vibe of Mexican beach. You can also take a fishing boat as an adventure for hours to catch fish on the beach. You can find fresh sea-food in Rosarito Beach. There are a lot of restaurants which will provide you the best sea-food in the town.

Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is located in high mountains which is a three hours journey from San Diego. It is a great getaway from San Diego. It is popular for skiing in the winter. But in the summertime, the natural beauty of this place flourish. As it is not so long away from San Diego, you can pay a visit to it. There are a lot of things to enjoy and entertain yourself. This is one of the finest getaways from San Diego.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is not so far from San Diego. It is at a remote distance and is perfect for a road trip. The view of the road is mind-blowing. You will have a prime feel while going there.


It is another beach like the previous one. But the distance is a bit higher here. But the enjoyment and adventure will also higher while going there.


Ojai is a beautiful place to visit. The roads between the mountains will blow your mind. The natural beauty of this place will be in your memories for years. This is one of the best places to plan a road trip.

Day trips from San Diego

You can visit a lot of places from San Diego. The best would be if you travel in the day time. Then you can enjoy the view in the most perfect way. Day trips are the best to enjoy from San Diego.

Newport Beach

This is one of the best places to visit from San Diego. But you need to choose the day time to visit here. Cause you can feel the best vibe of the beach at the day. When the sun will burn you with his heat and you will stay in the beach water for hours then you can enjoy the time there and feel the vibe. You can have delicious and appealing sea-food there. Many restaurants are providing quality sea-food dishes for years there. It is a great option to choose to visit as a day trip.


You may have heard a lot of bad things about this place. But trust me it is a heaven on earth. The beauty of this city will blow your mind. So, forget the past and take a journey from San Diego to Tijuana. You won’t ever forget this journey and this place. This place has everything to charm you. It is a great getaway from San Diego which you must visit. You will find hotels, restaurants, beaches, etc. to get entertained there. You can have a great time or vacation out there with your friends and families.


It is sixty miles away from San Diego. You can visit a lot of places there if you start early. This is the best route to have a day tour. You can surely enjoy yourself both on the way and at these places. Napa and Sonoma are two places where you must visit while going up there. These two places are quite beautiful and mesmerizing. You can have everything there. If you are planning a day trip from San Diego this should be on your list.

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