Arizona rock

The Wave, Arizona.

Nature is a gifted “sculptor”, which creates amazing formations of unearthly and bizarre shapes. There are many such examples on our planet, and each place is unique by its nature. One of them is situated near the border of Utah with Arizona on the Coyote Buttes slopes, USA. This sight is very popular among fans of photography and tourists because of its beautiful wavy forms. But remember that you’ll have to cope with the lack of proper roads to get there.

Peculiarities of the Arizona Wave

Important facts you should know about this picturesque place:

  • The Wave mainly consists of U-canals formed by erosion.
  • The two main troughs have sizes 19*36 and 2*16 meters.
  • Unusual forms were created by water drains. After the level of rainfall decreased, the water flows fell to a minimum. A plateau raised over and wind flows began to polish formed curves.
  • This place has a distinguishing color. This is due to the high content of iron, magnesium, manganese oxides in the sand.
  • There are layers of different hardness and sustainability to erosion. For example, some soft parts can be quite fragile, that is why visitors should be very careful while walking, not to provoke the soil cracking.
  • The studying of the rocks produced in the process of the Wave formation has revealed traces of dinosaurs, prehistoric arthropods and other ancient inhabitants.

Artistic value

This place has an aesthetic significance for many photographers. Due to the irregular relief, the play of light and shade creates fantastic and unique drawings on the smooth surface of dunes. The best time for taking pictures is at lunchtime, when there are no shades in the central part. Taking snapshots at dawn or late in the evening sometimes may be even more exciting.

A special moment for photographers also comes after the rain. Numerous small basins that occur in hollows do not disappear for a few days.

Route discovery history

Although the Arizona Wave formed as a geological body quite long ago and is located in proximity to a popular sight known as the Grand Canyon Park, it became known as object of great tourist interest only in the 90s of the twentieth century. Before that, only limited information about the existence of such a unique place somewhere in the south of the USA was available. Travelers shared hand-drawn layouts and route guidelines in between their society.

The first public news about the Arizona Wave appeared in a German magazine, which  presented this natural formation as an interesting tourist point. After the release of the documentary in 1996, the first groups of travelers from Europe made the route popular.

Way to the Arizona Wave

The peculiarity of traveling to the Wave is the absence of an official single route. Such an unusual situation is explained by necessity to preserve the environment of the nature reserve. Tourists find their way with the help of GPS, landmarks and descriptions. There is no highway to the Arizona Wave. You’ll have to go on foot about 10 km in both directions.

However, the difficulties do not reduce the flow of those, who want to see this natural masterpiece, especially since the path is very picturesque. But this route is not as pleasant as it seems to be. The main part of it runs across a sandy desert with all its attendant: strong winds, sandstorms, high temperatures in summer.

The beginning of the road is a muddy path. In a kilometer it turns into a reddish mountainous area overgrown with bushes of spicy saffron. Two-thirds of the way passes through the state of Utah. Then the journey continues between the sandy hills of Arizona. The traveler will feel himself in complete power of the desert.

Many people find the path no less impressive than the purpose of the journey. The road to the Arizona Wave ends with a steep slope following the large black fissure in the mountain ridge. Tourists describe the trip as an incredibly unique, somewhat bizarre, incomparable experience. But you will not know this for sure until you try. We wish you interesting adventures and unforgettable impressions!




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